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A Beginning to a New Adventure

June 20, 2017

Finally I can say it, I’m pregnant!!!! You have no idea how long these past few weeks have felt with having to keep this little secret. Even though the wonderful news did manage to get out to a good amount of people (I blame my excited parents and husband for that) it is such a relief to finally be out of the first trimester and be considered a little more “official.” Although I have to say, it has felt pretty official since the day I found out and even more so when we had our first Doctors appointment where we got to see our little bean’s heart beating.

I have basically been toying with the idea of this blog for a while but once I found out I was expecting, I knew that this was my chance to make it happen. Personal training as a career has grown to be something I couldn’t love more. BUT as of recent, after obtaining a certificate in Specialization for Pre & Post Natal Fitness, my career has quickly turned from a love and has grown into a passion I can’t wait to share with everyone.

Now for some of you reading this, you might be thinking to yourselves “well Im not pregnant or a mother so why would this blog be worth browsing?” And well, I’m glad you are having those thoughts because that’s where I want to stop you and explain. When gaining a certificate in Pre/Post Natal Fitness, it didn’t just create a passion to work with only expecting mothers and current mothers. Instead, it opened a door to a higher understanding of the female body and the way it works in INCREDIBLE ways.

I want this blog to be for all women of every age group and stage in life. I want to give every woman an outlet of understanding and self acceptance, since I know that in today’s world that can be really hard to come by. We do so much for our families, our friends, our work and more that it can be hard to take time for the one person who really matters most, YOU! And I know that may sound selfish to some, but be honest here: if you aren’t at your best, then how do you expect everything else you do to be at its best?

So with that all being said, I want to make it clear that this blog isn’t designed to show you how to be “perfect.” I will never claim to be perfect because I’M NOT and NO ONE IS. Instead, I want this blog to just stay honest. I will share with you when I have wonderful days where I feel like I am invincible BUT I will also share with you days that are hard. Days where exercising just sucks, when I eat like crap, and when emotionally being a mother and wife isn’t always peaches and cream. All in all, I just want this blog to show you ladies that you aren’t alone and that it is possible to see yourself in the same way everyone else does: STRONG.

Now that the fine details of the blog have been laid out, I figure we get back into the fun news about the little blessing growing in my belly and answer some of the most FAQ’s I’ve been getting from family/friends and clients.

How did I find out?

Well I can’t say that this was a complete surprise per say because we were “trying” but after 3 months of being unsuccessful I just assumed that this month was going to be no different. Getting pregnant doesn’t always happen right away, in fact for most healthy couples it can take a year. So with that fact in mind, I just assumed that would be the case for us.

It was a Friday in April, 5 days before my “expected period,” when I took one of those early pregnancy tests. They are apparently pretty accurate but guess what, it came back negative so I just threw it away, pouted for a few minutes and then got on with my weekend. Now come the next day, Saturday, I was on a walk with Keven, my husband, when all the sudden he announced that he would have to work Sunday, leaving me to attend morning mass all alone. Now this isn’t a big deal at all because usually I would just say okay and use this as an excuse to skip mass (sorry guys I’m not the best Catholic there is) but instead of this normal response, I started to cry and get really upset. I basically turned into a psychotic hormonal freak in less than 2 minutes. And while my husband would like to joke and  say that this isn’t anything new, I can strongly disagree and say that it was definitely out of character ( I mean, I was crying over attending church…). Knowing something was off, I decided to take one of my cheapie at home pregnancy tests ,although I figured it was probably just a waste of time. I mean—the other digital test had told me negative and those things, I thought, were never wrong. [And let me just say quickly for any ladies reading this that perhaps are hoping to get pregnant, these are highly recommended and will definitely save you financially since it can get pricing buying ovulation & pregnancy tests for 20-30 dollars per pop].


I waited the recommended 3 minutes, gave the test strip a look and initially it seemed to be another negative…that is until the faintest little line popped up. I stayed calm and called Keven into the bathroom for a second opinion. He saw it too! However, I didn’t want to get myself all excited yet so I decided to wait and take another the following day. Well what do you know, that faint line was again there and this time was a little bit darker. Again though, I still wanted to wait just one more day before I considered it a positive. I bought an official digital pregnancy test and took it the first thing the following Monday morning. And well, you guess it…it said YES+ !!!!!!

How have I been feeling?

I got lucky so I really can’t complain at all. Weeks 7-9 were a little rough in terms of feeling nauseous but I never really vomited or anything. It more or less felt like I was hungover or carsick all day. What was really tough was just the fatigue. All I wanted to do was just sleep. Other than that, the only other uncomfortable thing I experienced in the first 13 weeks was how sore my boobs got (sorry T.M.I). I mean HOLY GOD, it felt like someone punched me in the chest. For someone who has had historically been a larger A cup size, the big boob thing is a bit interesting and taking some time to adjust too. I give all your big chested ladies A LOT of credit!

Any cravings?

So let me just say this, I am a pretty healthy eater and I’m a repetitive eater. I have had the same breakfast for the past 2.5 years and all my other daily meals have pretty much followed the same pattern. However, this has all changed! All the foods I once ate were now the most repulsive things ever. Veggies, grilled chicken, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs….woof! Instead the things I wanted were sour candies, pickles, Chinese food, and any/all carbs! Thankfully now that I am finally out of the first trimester, my food cravings are semi-back to normal. Although, there are still sour candies currently residing in my pantry and are currently taunting me and I’m this close to giving in (its called balance people!)

Are you still working out? 

Yes, I most definitely am! Actually I think that working out is the thing that has helped me skate through the first trimester with ease. Even though fatigue and nausea did me win a few days, I always managed to stay active whenever possible. Whether it meant going to the gym on good days or just simply walking the dogs on bad days, I managed to pretty much get up every day and do something. Of course, there are restrictions/modifications I now need to follow but during the first trimester, my entire workout regime had stayed the same. I just really made sure to listen to my body. Of course, I will go into this further in a later post 🙂

When is the Due Date?

December 23rd! Christmas is going to be really fun this year!

Is it a boy or girl?

No idea and will NOT be finding out so your guess is as good as ours. (However, based off of my cravings, old wives tales say Im having a boy….who knows!)

What are you looking forward to next?

More energy, getting back to my normal diet, seeing my little belly start to grow, and feel the baby move.


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