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Staying Motivated in the First Trimester

June 22, 2017
Quick disclaimer: I am not at a medical professional of any kind! If you are thinking about starting on any exercise regime while pregnant, always make sure to consult with your doctor first. This post is based on my personal experience with the first trimester and working out during my pregnancy.

As you may have seen in my first blog post, one of the most common questions I got during the first trimester was how I was feeling, especially in regards to exercising when you feel like garbage. As you probably remember, I really didn’t have it too bad and in fact really found that exhaustion was the hardest thing to deal with. However, I definitely did have some days where nausea was present and when paired with fatigue, made exercising feel like a chore. Thankfully though, I didn’t end up missing too many workouts. That said, here are a few tips and tricks that helped me stay motivated to workout during my first trimester:

Listen to your body

In the first trimester, not many modifications really need to be made since during this time you most likely won’t be showing. You can continue to work on your core, lie on your back, engage in cardio, etc. However, this is also not a time to start introducing new fitness goals. It should be about maintaining where you are at.

When dealing with fatigue and nausea, there were most certainly days where I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I knew my body needed rest and guess what, I took it! I mean, you have to remember, you are making A CHILD! That is no small feet people.

Take advantage of the good days

Some days I felt like a ray of sunshine and other days I’d wake up with a plastic bag next to me, afraid I might puke. The first trimester for myself was a series of ups and downs so planning my workouts wasn’t always so easy. During this time you need to just roll with the punches. If you are like me, take advantage of those days you feel good. Or if you know you tend to feel worse at night, try and get out and get a workout in during the morning hours. Yes, your schedule might take a bit of a hit but do what you can to make it work.

Condense it down


When I was lucky enough to make it to the gym, 30 minutes was all I could manage. However, even THAT was hard. Before getting pregnant, I usually gave myself an hour or more to workout. I performed higher sets, lifted heavier weights and took the adequate rest needed.

To keep my workouts short, sweet and effective, I tried incorporating full body workouts in an interval like fashion.By doing this, not only did I manage to still challenge myself but I was also able to ensure I had all my bases covered. This came in handy since most weeks I was never sure how often I’d be working out.

Eat a small snack

Most women who have been pregnant will tell you, never let yourself have an empty stomach. That is of course unless you are looking to feel 10x worse. Before working out, I also made sure to munch on a little something so that I didn’t workout on an empty belly.Saltines, toast, and/or bagel thins were my personal go-tos. Pre-Pregnancy I usually always went with some piece of fruit but nope, no way was I going to do that unless I wanted to vomit! Carbs and more carbs were all I could stomach (which I actually will never complain about because who doesn’t love some carbs?)

Enjoy what you’re doing

This one doesn’t even necessarily apply to pregnant woman but ALL WOMEN. If you don’t like your workout, you will NOT want to do it. Plain and simple. If you don’t like doing it when you are feeling great, then what makes you think you will want to do it when you are dealing with morning sickness?

If all else fails, just walk

When I wasn’t feeling well enough to do my usual workouts, I would often head outside for a walk with my crazy dogs, Ben and Lucy. Simply moving and just walking a mile or two gave me a little boost of energy and always made me feel better afterwards.

Just remember gals, exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym and doesn’t always need to leave you huffing & puffing. It’s about feeling good and nothing more!

Forgive Yourself & Trust Your Body

If you are going to take anything away from this post, remember this tip! Pregnancy is a whole new game. Trust your body during this time because this is what it was designed to do. Sure you’ll gain weight and perhaps your workouts and eating might get thrown for a loop but that’s okay! You are making a baby and there is nothing in the world more special than that. Enjoy this time, do what you can, and give yourself a break!


To all my strong mamas, what was your first trimester like? I’d love to hear about all of your experiences. Comment Below!!


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