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July 24, 2017

So it has been an inexcusably long time since I last posted and I have no one else to blame but myself for that. After the 4th, I buckled down at work taking on extra shifts to help pass the time away until our 11 day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. We left for Massachusetts on the 12th and didn’t get home until yesterday, the 23rd. It was a long but oh so needed trip!

With that, let me think about updates. Tomorrow I will officially be 19 weeks along and that in itself is nuts! I am feeling great though and still have good amount of energy. I also officially popped while on vacation. My mom was amazed and says the salt air is what the baby needed because I swear I woke up one morning actually looking pregnant and not just “chubby.” Other than this, I definitely have been experiencing new symptoms and also a few cravings. Stuffy nose, snoring, and indigestion have been bothersome but on a positive note, I finally am feeling those little flutters of movement from the baby and it’s incredible.  As far as food cravings, cooked sushi rolls, steak and anything chocolate are to die for right now. I’m not kidding guys, I think if it wasn’t for indigestion, I probably would have eaten a whole cow, like a million sushi rolls and my weight in chocolate while in MV.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.08.36 AMNow being that I was away for almost 2 weeks, I definitely had to improvise when it came to working out. However, I have to admit that while on vacation I never really aim to kill myself with fitting a workout in. If I can, awesome! BUT if I can’t, then its no big deal. I like using my time away as recovery and rest so when I do exercise, it is always gentle. And when I don’t exercise, well then I’m forgiving. In the past before getting pregnant and dealing with S.I. joint pain, running was always my go-to form of exercise. However, with this trip and having baby on board, walking was my #1 way of working out and OCCASIONALLY, I also added in a few days of using resistance bands, 10b dumbbells (a pair that my parents keep at their beach house) and Tabata (interval aerobic training). You can check out these workouts on my instagram

I am most definitely starting to feel pregnant so exercise is really starting to change for me. It is harder now. I get winded more easily and I know my muscle mass has definitely declined since most weights I usually would find easy are starting to feel a bit heavier.  And while I’d like to admit that I am okay with this, I’ll be honest and say that Im not totally. I have had a few days this past week where I was down on myself and really struggled with how I was feeling. Again, I am continuing to remind myself that all of this is for a beautiful miracle and to enjoy this time. I know I will get back to my old self post-baby so for now, I have to work on loving my currently pregnant self.

So what is next for me? Well at the end of next week we have our 20 week anatomy scan coming up, where we will get another sneak peak at our little peanut. Now at this appointment, you can find out the sex of the baby but as said before, my husband and I want it to be a surprise. I’ll admit though, it is super tempting to find out but then I think the day our little babe arrives and hearing the doctor or Keven, say “its a….!” That gives me chills just thinking about it.

IMG_4795.JPGAside from that exciting part of the scan, I am a bit nervous in terms of the appointment. This is the time where the doctor will really take a close look at the baby and see how everything is developing and if there should be, God forbid, any problems. Now my pregnancy has been really smooth thus far (knock on wood) so I know I shouldn’t stress. BUT I’m now a mother so I guess worrying comes with the territory. Thankfully I have a really great support system with my family and more specifically, my husband. He is definitely my rock when I get all crazy (which is like all the time according to him) and calms down my worries and fears. Thats one of the many things I love about him. He is really going to be a wonderful father.

Its great to be back home after a little time away and Im excited to get back to the blog and really aim to inspire all you ladies/mamas out there. In the next post I think I am going to be posting up a few pregnancy inspired MOCKtail recipes that you can enjoy while either on vacation or at home. STAY TUNED FOLKS!



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