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20 Weeks Pregnant

August 4, 2017


This is the one aspect I’ve debated on sharing, since every woman varies with pregnancy weight gain. Depending on your pre-pregnancy weight, weight gain can be anywhere between 15-35 pounds and sometimes even more for some women. Since I don’t weigh myself and have instructed the doctor to not tell me the number, I can’t tell you specifics. However, at this point in my pregnancy I venture to guess I have put on somewhere between 8-10 pounds. Aside from my growing belly, I have noticed slightly a bit more “fluff” and less definition in areas such as my arms, and hips but nothing extreme. Additionally, I’ve been told by a few that my face seems a bit more round as well. Obviously, this doesn’t make me thrilled but it is all apart of the process so I am 100% accepting of it all.


Steak, Cooked Sushi Rolls and Chocolate! Im not sure what these cravings are about because they make zero sense but I won’t complain about it. My husband, Keven, thinks this isn’t that strange for me (since I loved those 3 things prior to getting pregnant) but as I’ve tried to explain to him, it is like my normal cravings have been multiplied 100x. Again, zero complaints about it because well, I love food and these 3 items are delicious!


I have been feeling pretty great these past few weeks but definitely have been experiencing a few discomforts as of late. To start, the first thing I am experiencing is indigestion. While my appetite has most definitely been picking up, my stomach hasn’t seemed to catch on. I have found that splitting up my meals up into smalls bites every 2-3 hours, has helped a bit. But then I have those nights where I eat a little more than planned and I am paying for it later.  Additionally, my S.I. Joint Pain has been flaring up this past week, which is probably the biggest pain in the butt (no pun intended). For those who don’t know what S.I. Joint Pain, it is basically dysfunction or instability in my pelvis, between where my tailbone connects to my hip bones. This was an injury I did prior to becoming pregnant but once little babe was on board, it has only gotten worse. I can thank my wonderful pregnancy hormones for that one. Lastly, sleeping has been a bit annoying but I think I have been getting more adjusted to the whole sleeping on the side thing. The real trick I have found is LOTS and LOTS of pillows.


My little babe is doing great and after our 20 week full anatomy ultrasound, we have been told everything looks to be growing just as it should be and is looking strong. We DID end up finding out the gender  (anyone want to venture a guess?) but we have decided that it is going to be a little detail we are going to keep under wraps for now. Additionally, we are going to be keeping the name a secret until D-DAY. Aside from this great news, my little peanut has been moving a ton and kicking a lot more and harder. I kept trying to catch it at the right time the other night, so Kev could feel, but of course, once he had his hand in place the kicking stopped. My babe is shy I guess.


Things are definitely getting a bit more challenging aerobically. However, I did expect that to be the case, especially as my lungs are getting more and more crowded each week. Overall though, my strength has still felt really on point. I have made it a goal each week to get in at least 3 days of weight lifting and then 3 days of walking (~5 miles), leaving 1 day to do absolutely nothing but rest. With this goal, I’ve been really enjoying my workouts. Its a much better feeling when you are working out for your HEALTH as opposed to just AESTHETICS. It’s introducing me to the wonderful world of balance, something I had at times have struggled with prior to becoming pregnant.


Getting the nursery together is NOW my #1 focus. Choosing paint colors has almost had me pulling my hair out but I finally feel like I have found one I like so lets cross our fingers that I don’t change my mind. Other than that, I know the overall “theme” I am going for: Rustic, simple and sweet. I have created an idea board which has been helping a lot so I am definitely excited to begin shopping. Not sure my husband will be too thrilled though 🙂


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