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23 Weeks Pregnant Update

August 23, 2017


ZERO CLUE. I’m willing to guess 15-ish pounds at this point (which is the norm for most women) but I don’t weigh myself. I do however have a doctors appointment next week so  Im sure they will update me on my progress then.


Surprisingly the cravings I was having before (steak and chocolate) and the aversions I was having prior (veggies/chicken) have started to wear off as well. And while they aren’t necessarily cravings, I can’t get enough of eating nectarines or jersey tomato. I sprinkle a little goal cheese (pasteurized of course) on them and I’m in heaven. Additionally, my hunger has definitely picked up overall, where I swear I get hungry every 2 hours or so. I have been just making sure to include protein and healthy with each meal and that has been helping keep me satiated for longer.


I actually feel really REALLY great these past few weeks. I think Ive entered that zone where everything is enjoyable. There are even times I forget Im pregnant, or at least I forget until it comes to times when I bend over to tie my shoes. That is when Im quickly reminded that there is something sitting in my way. Also, this may be TMI but shaving in the shower has definitely become interesting and a bit scary.

Other than that, sleeping has been better, since my body is finally catching onto sleeping on its side. Dreams are still pretty vivid but they usually make me laugh when I tell my husband about them the next day. Lastly, the only other symptom I can think of is HOW BIG MY BOOBS ARE! I have gone from a B cup to a D cup. I don’t know what to do with them sometimes. I honestly don’t know how some ladies do it.


She is getting stronger each and every week with her kicks and punches. This week Im starting to notice that she has a pretty steady routine in her kicks. She tends to stay pretty quiet during the day (which I think is just because Im busy moving at this time) but then she is up and awake at night. The kicks are by far the greatest thing to feel and is definitely helping me feel more and more bonded with her. What is also wonderful is when Keven, my husband, can feel them too.


Things are still going steady exercise wise. I am still aiming to weight lift 3x a week and then walking anywhere between 3-5 miles on the off days. Still struggle a bit from time to time with pelvic pain but Im finding that a really good stretching session is helping significantly.


The nursery is finally starting to make its way. The walls were painted last week and so far we have a rug, bookcase, changing table/dresser and rocking chair. Now Im just waiting on a few more decorative items and a crib of course but I definitely feel better knowing its not some disheveled mess of a room anymore.

Aside from this, I will be picking up more shifts at work until maternity leave begins (not sure when that will be yet). Will for sure be nice to be making that extra money and start saving away. Especially considering all the cute baby clothes I see when Im out….having a little girl is going to be dangerous.

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