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26 Weeks Pregnant

September 14, 2017


Still is the one area I will never know for sure on but at my 24 week doctors visit, I was told I was right on track. By this point, for most average women, weight gain can be anywhere around 15-20 lbs. So taking that into consideration, I will guess I am somewhere within that range.


No new cravings and aversions (veggies & chicken) have definitely gotten much better but are not entirely gone. I still love my chocolate so you bet your butt I have a nice little stash of Dove Chocolate in my freezer.

Additionally my appetite has actually gone down a bit but I am blaming that on the indigestion my stomach has been experiencing lately. With baby girl getting bigger, I guess my stomach is getting pressed a bit more so the hunger cues are kinda thrown out of whack.


Well as you may have seen on my instagram (@makingmamastrong), my husband and I just got back home from a wonderful 10 day vacation. While I did manage to fit in a good amount of sweat sessions while away, it was definitely not as consistent as what I usually do at home. I am definitely trying to get back into the swing of things and returning to my full body at home circuits. Of course though, I am more pregnant so there has been a few new things I have been experiencing which are slowing me down some…


As I was just saying, I am definitely feeling more pregnant this week and starting to experience the beginning of the third trimester aches/pains that I have been told about. Firstly, my hips are getting more and more sore as I continue to deal with S.I. ligament pain. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this is an injury I got from running (and not enough stretching) before getting pregnant. Unfortunately though, pregnancy only has made it worse since as you know, your hips play a BIG role in the whole birthing process. Stretching seems to help but until December I definitely think I may need to slow things down with lower body exercises and unfortunately walking will need to get turned down a notch since I’m starting to waddle to help avoid pain. Its a pain in the butt, no pun intended…

Secondly, I have been struggling with pain in my right foot. After a quick trip to the podiatrist yesterday, I found out the joints in my foot were inflamed due to lack of supportive shoes, standing on my feet a decent amount during the day and ultimately pregnancy weight gain. Its a normal complaint of most women so I wasn’t surprised but it definitely isn’t any fun either.

Other than these two things, I actually feel pretty good aside from the occasional bout of indigestion. I am sleeping pretty well still, not yet have been plagued with having to pee every 5 minutes and have decent energy. Hopefully these all continue for these final 3 months.


Baby is doing great. She is moving around more and more each and every day. By now the textbooks all say that I should start noticing a general sleep/wake pattern but this babe likes to move ALL DAY! Seriously, there is usually not a moment when I can’t feel a kick or punch. Additionally I have started to see her move as one side of my belly will jut out more than the other side. Its like an alien in my belly but I love every single second of it.


Nothing new per say, still working away on getting her nursery together and waiting for my baby shower in October. Things definitely are starting to feel real though and these final 3 months will be crunch time but Im loving every bit of it. I CAN’T wait to meet this little girl of ours.

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