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Tips for Working Out While on Vacation

September 12, 2017

With summer coming to a close, my husband and I decided to sneak in one more vacation to celebrate our final summer as a family of two. Martha’s Vineyard has been a spot my family has been coming to for many years now and has quickly grown to be one of my husband favorite spots as well. Like any great vacation spot, it is a great place to enjoy (and occassionally indulge) and most importantly rest and relax. However, while I like to take full advantage of taking a break from the everyday, I still aim to stay active and fit in a few workouts during my time away.

Now, I will be fully honest and say it isn’t always easy, especially when pjs, cups of coffee and sweets beckon your name. Additionally for you mamas who may travel for work, I understand that it may not always be as easy to stay focused when your routine is changed up. However, to help motivate you to stay on track, here are a few tips for how to make the most of your time away and not lose sight of your health and fitness goals.


I don’t know about you but I need music when I workout or else UGH, my workout will just drag! Now the type of music I listen to varies from day to day and of course depends on my mood, but I always make sure to have a playlist set up on my Spotify that I can pull up quickly when ready to workout. Music for myself, personally, gets me hyped up but on the other hand can bore me very quickly once I’ve heard a song too many times. For this reason, I try my best to not listen to my playlist when not exercising. I save it for my workouts only so that each song always seems like new and serves as inspiration to get up and move every single time.


Regardless of if I know for certain or not that I will be working out, I always make sure to have at 2 sets of workout clothes with me. I pack my shoes and socks, 2 sports bras, 2 pairs of yoga capris and tank tops—I keep it simple. While I don’t recommend over packing, its important to better be safe and ensure you will have clothing readily available for when an opportunity to sweat a little presents itself. No better way to guarantee that you won’t workout if there is nothing to workout in.


This is a rule I stick to both at home and aim to carry over to any travel or vacation. Aim to never miss more than 2 days in a row of exercising. Now, I know sometimes things can get crazy and this rule may be challenging for some but remember, exercising doesn’t need to be complicated. Whether it is a short 10 minute body weight circuit in your hotel room or just a mile walk to go grab morning to sightsee, that counts! This rule is there to just keep you accountable and moving, especially in times when nothing sounds better than plopping your tush on the beach 🙂


Like I just said above, exercise DOES NOT need to be complicated. Some of my favorite and most challenging workouts are the ones that have involved little equipment and were under 15/20 minutes. Want a quick bodyweight, hotel/vacation friendly workout? Try this:

10 Jumping Jacks
20 Pushups (*if pregnant, modify with incline pushups on a bed/chair or desk)
30 Burpees (**if pregnant, modify with incorporating a incline on bed/chair or desk)
40  Tricep Dips
50 Air Squats
60 second Plank (if pregnant, modify with a Reverse Plank)
50 Air Squats
40 Tricep Dips
30 Burpees**
20 Pushups*
10 Jumping Jacks


This final tip is probably the most important above all the rest. Go and enjoy your vacation! Don’t get hung up on trying to kill yourself with an exercise that you forget to have fun. From past experience during a time when I was too extreme with fitness, I used to sacrifice my joy and had no idea how to have fun and still stay on track with my goals. Don’t be afraid to have that mocktail/cocktail or piece of fudge (like I did over this past vacation) just don’t go overboard. Try and keep moving, enjoy everything in moderation and take this time for you. Why, well because you DESERVE IT!

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