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31 Weeks Pregnant

October 17, 2017

Nothing new has really come up, other than getting sick. I’ll consider that a symptom only because when you are pregnant, your immune system pretty much doesn’t care about you anymore. Instead, it is protecting the baby and leaving mama to defend for her self and an open target to germs. Knowing this made being sick a little more bearable but I’ll be honest, still was NOT fun.

Aside from this, my hips have been feeling better but there has still been days where they ache and my S.I joint pain acts up, making it hard to do the littlest things like walking. Sleep has luckily been really good too so I am keeping my fingers crossed that stays. However, vivid dreams have returned and those tend to wake me up at times. For example I had a dream I was in Disney world with Janet Jackson….No idea where that came from but you see what I mean 🙂


Baby girl is growing big and strong and moving around like a nut case as I am typing this. She should be around 3.5 pounds now and will gain should start gaining .5lbs every week now. Here is a little video to show you exactly what Im feeling on the daily. It is probably one of the most strange and wonderful feelings in this world.


This coming weekend is my baby shower and I can’t wait. My sister and sister-in-law are both flying in to NJ for the weekend so to say Im excited would be an understatement. I can’t wait to see other friends and family as well and just celebrate my little babe. Gotta admit though that I will probably be an emotional mess though (which is a norm now for me). It just melts my heart to see how loved my girl is already.

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