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2 Months Postpartum

February 23, 2018

Before I begin, I want to start off by acknowledging the fact that I have been completely slacking on the whole blogger front. But lets be honest here, I am a new mom, my recovery from labor was NOT a cake walk, and since we are being honest, I just didn’t feel like it doing it.

Soooo now that we have that covered, I thought I’d start updating you all on how my postpartum journey is going. As you may have picked up, I didn’t write a 1 month postpartum post because as I just stated, I didn’t have the time/nor the want to do it. But to summarize it for you, my first month was both tough and wonderful. Aside from recovering physically from labor (check out my birth story here), the first few weeks pretty much consisted of me sitting on a couch with my boobs out, waking up 2-4 times per night and trying to stay somewhat sane by keeping the house semi-tidy. It WASN’T easy but you know what, I have never loved a time in my life more. Well actually, that’s a lie because where we are right now, the 2 month mark, is pretty great.

Now I completely understand that for some mamas, the newborn stage isn’t always their favorite and that is OKAY. Sleep is sparse, you’re body literally feels like it got run over (and it also kinda looks like it did too) and if you are breastfeeding, you feel like an actual cow. It isn’t for the faint of heart. However, with that said, I have to admit that I loved this stage. Did some aspects suck? Of course they did but for some reason, I didn’t let those things phase me too much and when looking back at it, I’m glad I didn’t because the newborn stage was over in such a flash. Of course at 2 months, you still have a tiny baby but by this marker, they have changed so much and are more like really needy people who smile a lot.

Anyway though, aside from loving on my sweet little girl, things are starting to return to normal around here. Well at least, they are returning to my “new” normal. I have been cleared to return to working out and also return to work, training clients 3x a week. Now while I love nothing more than my days home with Cassidy and literally soaking up all the baby cuddles, exercising and work were two things I was most definitely looking forward to. Why? Well because I needed a little me time. I also needed a little time to remind myself that a world does exist beyond just my baby and I. Trust me, there is nothing greater than being in the baby bubble for a while but for my own sanity, I needed a little time out in the real world.


So now that we are officially at 2 months, here is a quick update:

Physically: Well as you can see in the picture, I am making progress but still not exactly where I’d like to be. HOWEVER, I wasn’t expecting to be anywhere close to my pre-baby body by now. IN FACT, I don’t expect to be back at that point until at least 9 months postpartum or even longer. I have a little more fat on my body and while I will admit it isn’t my favorite thing, it is absolutely necessary. Especially for breastfeeding purposes.

Weight Loss: Amazingly, 4 days after I gave birth to my little one, I lost a total of 26 pounds. Crazy, right? I tried to not really track my weight during pregnancy but at the end, I do know I gained a total of 33 pounds. So with that, I have a couple more to lose in order to get back to my beginning weight.

Exercise: Like mentioned, I got cleared about 2 weeks ago to return to fitness. I definitely have lost some muscle mass and some strength but I will say I am pretty pleased at where I am starting from. At this point, I am really taking my time to ease myself back into fitness, strengthen my core (I luckily didn’t end up with D.R.), and using this new starting point as a time to reset my goals. Mobility is my top goal and something I tend to usually skip out on (to my own detriment) so that will be my focus from now on.

Nutrition: If you have followed me on instagram, I made mention to the fact that I signed up to do the new Weight Watchers Flex Plan online. I haven’t done Weight Watchers in years and in fact up until this point have tracked macros (and had awesome success). However, with a little babe, I just dont have the time to track EVERY LITTLE THING so thats why I decided to go down this route. The new plan weight watchers now includes so many things that are now ZERO points, which in turns means I don’t have to track as much. Additionally, I like how Weight Watchers offers an adjustment for women who are breastfeeding. That is super important to me because the last thing I want to do during my postpartum journey is impact my milk supply. Could I have used macros while breastfeeding? Of course! I just didn’t think for me personally it was realistic for the time being. I am positive though that down the road, I will be returning to that nutrition method.

Mentally: I’m really happy. I feared at first that I would be an emotional mess, since I was during my pregnancy. Thankfully, it seems that once Cassidy was born all my emotional craziness seemed to go away. Of course, I shed a few tears when she was born and even a few days after (especially when I went to church and was praying to thank God) but overall I wasn’t too crazy. Of course, Im sure my husband would argue that statement. In all honesty, I love being a mama and yes it is difficult. However, I have slowly been teaching myself that overall outlook is the key factor in determining your happiness. I think if you go into it something automatically saying it will be hard and tiresome, you immediately place this negativity on it and take away from your joy. Instead, I went into it this new part of life acknowledging those tough aspects but did not give them any credence. Will I be tired? Yes. Will it be hard? Yes, it will be at times. Will it be worth it? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!



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