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4 Months Postpartum

April 26, 2018

I will probably always think/say this but HOLY CRAP, WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!? It’s absolutely amazing that we are officially 4 months postpartum (plus a few days). We are a third of the way done with Cassidy’s first year and while I’m so excited at the things to come, I kinda want to hit a pause button too.

So based on the fact that I am now just realizing that I completely forgot to do a 3 month update and have just been slacking on the whole blog front in general, its safe to assume that I’ve been busy. In the past, I’d blame it on laziness but nowadays, I’m anything but. Between caring for Cassidy, keeping our house tidy and animals well fed, and then attempting to keep myself healthy, the day tends to get away from me at times. However, here I am now so lets get down to business, okay?



Cassidy is doing fabulous and while I am bias, I honestly think she is the cutest thing ever. Aside from the occasional fussy day, she is a pretty happy and content baby. In fact, I have her laying on a play mate in front of me as I type and she is quiet as a mouse and is just rolling around to entertain herself. Each and every day she wakes up with a smile (unless she is HANGRY) and then will continue to shoot me smiles/giggles throughout the day. I’m not sure why she is so well-mannered but I think it’s a combination of her personality and also influence. These days I have been in such baby bliss that I am smiling more than I am anything. Stress hasn’t really apart of my life recently (aside from a day or two every now and again) so I’d like to think that I’m possibly rubbing that off onto my girl.

Sleep: We have FINALLY just started to hit a good stretch where Cassidy is giving us almost a fully night without waking. Of course, there will be a day, every now and again, where she will wake up once or twice but thats okay. We are definitely moving in the right direction! Because she is still pretty young, we aren’t planning on doing any sort of sleep training yet but rather we are just practicing good habits. For example we make sure to practice a night time routine: eat, bath, sleep. I have also found that identifying “sleep cues” helps tremendously. For Cassidy, she rubs her eyes when she is wanting to sleep. When I see this that I will grab her and bring her to nap/bed. Sometimes she will fight me for the most part she will fall asleep within 5-10 minutes.

Eating: I am still breastfeeding Cassidy and I have to say that I have really been lucky in this area. Once we got home from the hospital I really never had any trouble with latching, pain or milk supply. This has made me very happy, considering that while she was in the NICU she was bottle fed formula and struggled to breastfeed, due to all the wires and IV. I am not positive on how long I will nurse for but I definitely want to get to the 6 month mark. Once her teeth come in and solids start getting introduced I may stop or I may continue, I’m not sure yet. I have to admit that I’m not that “in love” with it so I’ll just take it month by month and see how I feel.

Milestones: Well aside from this little girl talking (and yelling) all day long, she has really started to master tummy time and can start rolling from her belly to her back. She is now starting to work on rolling from her back to belly but that is much more difficult so I imagine it may take a few more weeks. One thing for sure is that we most definitely can’t leave her unattended on her changing table, bed or any raised surface. Other than this, teething is underway as her fingers are always in her mouth. Its so crazy how much has changed in just a couple of months time.


IMG_2887.JPGPhysically: I really feel great! Since little one has been sleeping better, I’m feeling more energized and well rested. In addition, I feel pretty much back to my normal self but of course when I see myself in the mirror, I am reminded just how “new” this body of mine is. Boobs are out of this world and plain old weird looking, my hips are still wider, my stomach still has loose skin and honestly there are days I don’t really recognize myself. I’m not saying this in a negative way. I just want to be very honest, especially for any of you new mamas, to show that it does take time. However, I find it helps to accept this body by finding a real appreciation for what it has and can do.

Weight Loss: As you all know, I am not one for weighing myself. In fact I hate it and usually won’t. However, after feeling curious and brave the other day, I decided to jump on and see where I was at. To my surprise I actually have not gained OR lost anything. I am still at the same weight I was 4 days after having Cassidy. This means that I am about 5-8lbs away from my starting weight. I know that everyone likes to say you lose weight with nursing but this hasn’t been the case with me. Instead I think that weight is sticking onto me because OF nursing. Its like my body needs a fat reserve to feed baby girl.

In fact, just about a week or so ago I wanted to try and be a bit more strict and was finding that my milk supply was changing. Cassidy had started to poop bright green, which when talking with the doctor, we think was an indicator that my milk was becoming too “skim.” So with that being the case, I am back to intuitively eating and as a a result, Cassidy’s poops have turned back to their standard golden color (gold = fatty). While I admit, I’d love to get back to my old weight and size, I am not about to put that in front of the well being of my child. I know I will get back to where I was but for now, I am just going to enjoy where I am.

Exercise: Depending on the week, I am working out anywhere between 3-5 days. Its variable of course because there are days where little one just isn’t having it or if the night was a bit more restless, I choose a nap over a workout. Thankfully, now that the weather is warming up walks have been amazing and are a great alternative when weight lifting doesn’t sound appealing. Additionally, I decided to give the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program a try and I have to say I love it. I am going to write up a post on it with a full review but all I can say now is that it definitely comes in handy when you are short on time and not in the mood to think up your own workout.

Nutrition: As I stated above, I tried to cut back a bit a week or so ago and was finding that it was effecting the quality of my milk. So as a result I can’t necessarily tell you that my eating has been ideal. I try and choose the healthiest options I can but there are just days where my hunger is out of this world and I fall victim to temptation. I know I will one day get back to my old eating habits but for now I don’t have the time to think about it. I eat what I think my body needs (healthy fats. protein, and of course carbs) and if there is a day where I want a treat, I let myself have it.

Mentally: After I had Cassidy, I really expected to get the “baby blues” but they never came. Of course there were a few days immediately after where I’d get a little weepy but they were all happy/thankful tears. Plus it was also Christmas time and who doesn’t cry at least once during that time of year? However now that we are a few months past, I honestly can say that I have NEVER been more happy. I feel like I have this mommy thing down (although each day always provides a new challenge), I like where I am with working part time, and I feel like my husband and I are back to being “us.” I love being a mom and I feel like it was the role I was always meant to be in. Do I know exactly what I’m doing or always make the best decisions for my child, heck no! BUT I do love my girl with every fiber of my being and this is what I feel matters most.


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