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5 Months Pospartum

June 1, 2018


Hey Father Time, mind slowing your roll a bit? K, thanks! Seriously though guys, how is my girl already 5 MONTHS OLD?


ACS_0052.JPGSleep: Eh…among all the great things my girl has been achieving thus far, sleep is not the strongest of them. Occasionally we have great nights where she sleeps straight through or only wakes once but as of late, she has been getting up about 2-3x a night. I have not done “sleep training” officially but instead have just been focussing on good sleep habits: putting down while drowsy BUT awake, not relying on nursing to get her to sleep, etc. That has all been going great but when it comes to her waking up in the middle of the night, Im at a loss. I do try to get her to fall asleep without me but that has yet to work. So anyway, I will gladly take any advice.

Eating: I am still breastfeeding but I have also been starting to introduce solids into Cassidy’s diet. Rice cereal and single ingredient fruits/veggies are what I’ve been doing. So far our girl hasn’t seemed to mind anything, besides the baby food meats. Purred chicken, turkey and beef are freaking disgusting so I cant blame Cassidy for not liking it. The smell alone makes me cringe.

Milestones: Nothing entirely new but our girl did have a couple of “Firsts” this past month. First time out of the state for my birthday weekend in Long Island, New York and then her first time on an air plane when we went to Ohio. She did fabulous with both trips and shocked us both as to how well she acted on the plane. I was afraid she’d be affected by the pressure in her ears but instead she just slept on me the entire time and didn’t seem bothered.


Physically: I feel stronger and stronger each month that goes by, which makes me so happy. I can see this through my form improving in specific movements and also by increasing my weights. Unfortunately though, I am still dealing with a bit of pain/discomfort in my hips. The same pain I had in my S.I. joint while I was pregnant. I was hoping it would relieve itself after I gave birth but that has yet to happen. So with that being the case, I am going to start exploring other options and try to correct whatever the heck is happening. Perhaps try some yoga?

Weight Loss: I haven’t weighed myself in some time but I keep getting comments from clients that I don’t look like Ive had a baby. I sound like an asshole when I say that, but please don’t take me as such. Especially since I honestly don’t feel that way. Of course though, we are our own worst critics. Anyway, screw that scale.

Exercise: I have been going strong but as Cassidy gets older, she gets a little more needy. If she isn’t chewing on a toy, she wants to be held or bounced. That in itself it great exercise but it certainly makes things more challenging. Additionally we are currently in the process of selling/buying our house so that has been making my schedule a bit more hectic and less flexible. But thats okay, I was expecting all of this to happen. Its taking a bit of practice but I am getting the hang of it.ACS_0059.JPG

Nutrition: Well consider that this past month started off with birthday and graduation celebrations, there has been lots of indulging. Now that I am home for a while until our next trip, I have been aiming to get back to my good habits. Preparing food in advance, keeping sweets out of my house, and keeping plenty of healthy options available. Little by little, I am seeing improvement but it takes time.

Mentally: I’m feeling great. I did have an off day last week when I was looking at my 5 month progress and feeling SUPER discouraged. I know that I can’t expect to always accept this postpartum body of mine. I know that it will take time to adjust and have patience with myself. I’m slowly getting there with the help of using my daughter and husband as inspiration. I am so loved by them so why shouldn’t I love myself just the same? I never want to let myself get back to my old crazy self punishing habits so I am trying to be a little more forgiving and appreciative for this crazy new body of mine.



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