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One Year of Being a Mama

December 31, 2018

So let me first start off by saying, I suck at this whole blogging thing. I mean, I love it but after Cassidy hit the 6 month mark, I completely lost the time or motivation to sit down and write. However, with one year behind us and so much experience earned, I am ready to get back to writing and sharing the things I love with all of you.

With that being said and as the title may have hinted, my girl is officially a ONE YEAR OLD. Don’t worry if you are feeling shocked by that because I myself am still trying to wrap my mind around how fast time has flown by. I still feel like it was yesterday that I was staring at the positive pregnancy test, dreaming about what our little bean would be like. Well let me tell you, she is one of a kind. Cassidy has a personality unlike any other. Of course, Im her mother and by fault think that she is the most special child in the world, but if you were to see her in action, you’d probably agree.

As I said earlier, when Cassidy turned 6 months, I feel like the world just started moving a little faster and time became very precious. Cassidy was no longer this blob. She started to move, babble, giggle, crawl, stand and more. On top of all that, we had vacations shortly after and then followed everything up with moving to a brand new home and town. I left my previous personal training job, dived deep in the whole stay at home thing. It has been amazing but also super isolating and a lot more involved than I ever thought it could be. This is the exact reason I crave getting back to this blog. I NEED IT. It is an outlet my body/mind/soul thrive on.

I have so much I can continue elaborating on but since Im hoping I can get you back and wanting to read more, I will save all that I have in my head waiting for another day and future post. Instead, what I will do is update you on where we (Cassidy and I) are today.


Sleep:  Well considering it has been some time, I should mention that Cassidy has been sleeping pretty much through the night ever since she was 6 months. I will delve deeper into this subject in another post but we followed the cry-it-out-method and while it sucked initially, it has been by far the best thing we could have done. Sure we even now have nights that aren’t the best (especially when she is teething) but for the most part she sleeps anywhere between 12-14 hours each night.

As for naps, this has actually been not the greatest area for us…up until recently. Cassidy just always seemed to fight me on this one. Starting at around 9 months, she dropped her second nap and fought me tooth and nail on even getting one nap done. I had good days here and there but it was never consistent. Finally after taking some other mom advice and establishing a routine (gym, lunch, nap), Cassidy has been really easy to put down. I did have to practice the cry-it-out occasionally in the beginning but she got the idea and starting about a month ago, Cassidy started consistently napping about 2-2.5 hours each day.

Eating: Anything and everything. I don’t think this girl dislikes anything really. With having only 4 teeth, she is still a bit limited but we are at a good mixture of solids and purees. So far we haven’t found any allergies or sensitivities so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Milestones: Not walking yet but she did take a couple of steps about 3 weeks ago, right after we got home from seeing Santa. Ever since, we haven’t had any repeats but she is definitely working on it. Aside from this, she says “mama” and “dada” and knows things like “blow a kiss.” However, she has started to think it’s funny to smack herself in the head every time I ask her to blow a kiss so we have stopped that one request for the time being. Other than this, she has definitely been showing signs of turning into a toddler. From throwing toys, screaming at the top of her lungs when frustrated and playing “catch me if you can” whenever I try and change her diaper, I can say that this stage has been the most trying. It takes a lot of patience but then once I see her smile, all that frustration goes away.


Physically: I feel like I shouldn’t be writing this days after Christmas, where I haven’t really gotten in a good workout in a couple of days. However,  I will ignore that fact and say that I actually feel really great in terms of strength and conditioning. I am lifting heavier and have increased stamina so I think I am just about back to where I was at my peak fitness level.

Weight Loss:  I don’t know and I don’t care. I haven’t weighed myself in six months and like always, I have relied on the way I  feel in my clothes instead. I am back down and fitting in my pre-baby clothes but my jeans fit much different than before and because of that, I’ve gone up a pant size. My hips are just wider now and that is okay. Its just the way things go with pregnancy. Aesthetically I would like to tone up a bit more but I also am very realistic with myself and know that I’d have to get a lot more strict to do that. Not saying I cant do that but rather I dont want to right now. I finally feel like I’ve reached a good balance so I am going to coast here for a bit.

Exercise: After moving we fortunately were able to find a local gym that offers child care for the hour I workout. I swear, every gym needs to do this. It is such a game changer. So with that, I try and get in 3x a week at the gym and do 2-3x at home.

I really want to keep my home workouts consistent because they have been such a life saver during my pregnancy and first few months as a new mom. In the future, should we have another babe, I’d want to know I have the focus to keep up my fitness at home. If you are at all looking for home workout ideas, check out my instagram page here.

Nutrition: I think my eating will always remained changed after pregnancy (I still really struggle with eggs and some veggies–which were my #1 faves before) but for the most part, I have been pretty much returned to normal.

After obtaining my certification in Sports Nutrition, I have learned so much that I am introducing to my families meals. Instead of tracking bit by bit, I am instead focussing on eating nutritionally dense foods and listening to what my body needs.

Mentally: As I talked about briefly above, being a stay at home mama has been quite the experience. It has been such a blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I will admit that it at times can be very isolating. I haven’t met many moms here in my new town so that hasn’t helped. However, I did just join a mom’s group in the area so I’m excited to see where that may lead. For the most part though, I am happy and really thankful for this past year. While I will say there have been a lot of learning curves and exhaustion, I finally feel like I have this whole mother thing down. Im ready for year two and excited to see what this next year has for my family and I.

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