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Stick to Your Resolution: 7 Tips to Help you Keep and Reach Your Fitness Goals

January 8, 2019

Time and time again, I am told by my clients that the reason they can’t seem to stick to a workout plan is that they A) Don’t know where to start B) Can’t seem to find something they like or C) They had unrealistic goals which then left them disappointed and unmotivated. Being that it is the New Year and this just so happens to be the time where people set resolutions, I wanted to share with you 7 of my top tips to help you find your success when it comes to create and sticking to a workout program.

TIP #1: Determine Your Big Why

When it comes to setting a goal for one self, most people set upon something very broad and fail to determine their “big why.” You want to lose 50 lbs? Great, why? Want to feel stronger? Awesome, WHY? The Big Why is the thing to help you focus in your goal and help set a foundation that will keep you on track. It is the reason behind it all and the thing that inspired you in the first place to start your journey. Do yourself a favor and write down your big why and put it somewhere you can see it every single day. Tape it on a mirror, write it in your phone, put it on the fridge- anything. Let it be your fuel!

TIP #2 Set Milestones to Keep You Motivated

In the beginning, it can be very easy to set an goal with a very unrealistic timeline. Want to lose 20 pounds? Awesome but I hope you aren’t planning on doing that by the end of next week. While I can appreciate the optimism, these unrealistic timelines can set you up for disappointment and failure. Instead, try setting realistic milestones to help you reach your goals. For example, set a goal to lose 1-2 pounds each week and then check in every 2/3 weeks to assess your progress. Not only will this help keep you motivated but it will also help keep you accountable.

TIP #3 Determine the Amount of Time You Can Commit and Make it a Priority

I don’t know about you but I thrive off of having a schedule and best stick to a plan if I know what days of the week I need to do something. I just love the satisfaction of being able to check something off a list. Working out is no different and should be treated like a commitment, no different than visiting the doctor or whatever you consider important. Additionally, you’re time commitment should match up with your goals. You can’t expect results if you don’t have to time. So even if that means waking up first thing in the morning, late at night or even a quick 15 minutes a day, make it a priority.

TIP #4 Remember the 80/20 Rule

Despite what you might think, when it comes to weight loss 80% of what your success is dependent on your NUTRITION. Sure working out is important but in reality, you could technically skip the gym all together and still find results as long as nutrition is on point. Of course, this is no reason to not participate in a fitness plan. All I am saying is that you cant expect results if all other aspects of your life are left unchanged.

Not sure about where to start with eating? Check out my nutrition coaching services and let me assist you!

TIP #5 Find Something You Like

Here is the thing, plain and simple: If you don’t like something, DON’T do it. Hate running on the treadmill? Okay, then don’t do it. Hate yoga? Again, don’t do it! Do the exact opposite of what Nike tell you 🙂 What works for one person doesn’t always work for another, just like most things in life. Everyone is different so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one way is the RIGHT way. I’ve said it time and time again that fitness is not one size fits all and should be enjoyed! In fact, the easiest way to make sure you stick to a plan is by finding something you WANT to do.

TIP #6 Start Simple

With instagram, crazy fitness trends have seem to blow up. Lifting extreme weights and American ninja like moves are being made to look like it is the only way to achieve any/all fitness goals. Sure while they certainly take a lot of talent to perform, they aren’t all that and a bag of chips. I think this is the reason why a lot of people struggle and get lost when they try and design a workout plan. They think that they need to be doing something “more” and something crazy. Sure a simple bicep curl may not seem “as cool” but they are just as effective.

TIP #7 Find You Tribe

Just like any type of major change in life, you’re best bet in reaching success is through having a support system. Find like minded individuals who will help encourage you and help keep your mind on the prize. Find a friend or family member who you can go to the gym with, go on a walk with or even meal prep with. Join a support group online or heck, create one yourself! In something as important as health, you want to make sure you’re friends will have your back and be there to push you that extra mile when you’re feeling down.

Still feel like you need a little help, check out my online training services and let me help you! Don’t let your New Year’s goals go to waste and make this the year you achieve what you started. You got this mama, always remember that!


  • Nicola Ranson

    December 28, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    Hey Mary,

    Nikki from Instagram here, I thought it maybe nice to leave you a comment on your blog for a change.

    My goal is to tone up and put weight on and in the right places, with starting this new job, I’m finding I’m tired after a shift, but I’m also finding instead of just pushing through and doing something to battle this tiredness, slouching around the house is no good!

    So my New Years resolution is to walk around Druridge Bay Country Park every morning after dropping off the 9 year old off at school before work in the evening and on days off and do 12,000 steps (ie 6 miles) before I go to work! Ideally want to get fitter and tone up! But also want to share my goals and journey on Instagram, that and hopefully help others who feel a tad self conscious like myself.

    I also want to use Instagram stories more too, not to be frightened to get in front of the camera!

    So will be looking at a new theme for my Instagram grid too!

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