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Baby on Board…Again!

May 29, 2019

So, if you didn’t know already, my husband and I are thrilled to say that we are expecting baby #2 this coming September 2019. Since I have been not so great when it comes to writing this blog, I have not been keeping you as up to date. When it came to my pregnancy with Cassidy I was MUCH better but as you can imagine, life with a toddler has made things a bit more challenging. Anyway, with a little time to spare, I figured I would use this post to catch you all up and answer the many common questions I have been flooded with. 

How did we find out? 

Well like Cassidy we were trying to have another baby and similarly we got pregnant much faster than anticipated. When TTC-ing (trying to conceive) I tend to be bit of an organized freak and track everything so when I knew it was coming close to the time to take a pregnancy test, I jumped the gun and took one earlier (at 7 days DPO) and actually saw a VERY faint line on one of my amazon cheapie tests. However, knowing how unlikely it is to get a positive that early, I chalked it up as nothing and waited 2 more days to try again. Sure enough, I tested and once more there was another faint line but still too faint to be sure of. One more day passed and I retested on a blue dye rite aid brand test and sure enough it was glaringly positive. However, being the occasional pessimist, I decided that I wasn’t actually positive until the First Response Test said it was. Well, let me tell you this, even though that test is more expensive and said to work the earliest, my cheap tests were much better! I mean, take a look at my picture below and see for yourself. At 11 DPO (days past ovulation) I had all positive on the cheap amazon and rite aid tests and practically nothing on my First Response. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe I received a true positive First Response until I was 15/16 dpo. Crazy!

Yeah, I know. I took a crap ton of tests.

How far along am I currently?

23 weeks! I know, I know. I told you I wasn’t as good about keeping you all as up to date this time. Ooops! 

How am I feeling?

For the most part, good! Although I will say that the beginning of the pregnancy was not the easiest. Not only did I get hit with 2 nasty colds, I also got hit with the stomach flu 3 TIMES! Yes, I know its ridiculous. The first time I had it I was only 7 weeks and unfortunately had to take a trip to the ER for IV fluids and get some anti-nausea medication. The second and third time weren’t as terrible (but still pretty sucky) so as you can imagine gaining weight was a bit tricky this go around. In fact, up until 17 weeks I was still 3lbs down from my starting weight. BUT don’t worry, this baby is still growing as he should be and I am up about 11 pounds. 

Additionally, on top of that, the first trimester wasn’t as joyful because at my 8-week scan they detected something called a Subchorionic Hemorrhage. Sounds scary but basically it is just a fancy term for a bruise on your uterus. It seems this can happen during implantation and is usually harmless to the baby. However, there are varying degrees and mine was pretty minor. Thankfully I had no bleeding or cramping, which I guess are common symptoms. After some reassurance from my midwife, I was instructed to limit sex, exercise and provide my pelvis plenty of rest. At my 12-week scan it has shrunken significantly and at my 20-week scan, they didn’t even mention it so I assuming it was gone. 

Lastly, this time around I have been experiencing a good amount of tailbone and back pain. I had it with Cassidy but I am starting to think it has more to do with a weak pelvic floor. For that reason, I am seeing a prenatal Chiropractor and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. Workouts have slowed significantly because of the pain but I still manage to walk every day, sneak in a low impact home workout every so often, and stay active while playing with Cassidy.  

Baby sex and Names?

It’s a BOY!!! And yes, we have a name but we like to keep that to our little secret 🙂

Any differences compared to my last pregnancy?

Not really. I think having a toddler this time around certainly is changing things in that we are catching more of those icky germs that she picks up. Otherwise my symptoms during the first trimester were all pretty the same. I felt kind of nauseous but never threw up or anything and had the same amount of fatigue. 

The only things I can noticeably say are different is the way I am carrying. Much lower and much more in front. With Cassidy I carried high and gained more on my hips and butt. Additionally, I have more breakouts on my back and chin area. I am crediting that to lovely testosterone. 


Caesar Salads and Nerds candy. Strange I know but I can’t get enough. 

How does Cassidy feel about having a sibling?

Well considering she is only 17 months old and can only say a handful of words, I don’t really know but I am going to assume she really has no clue about what is happening. She knows she has to be careful around mommy’s tummy (not that she listens to that) and that we say the word “baby” a lot. However, when I ask her “where the baby is?” she points to her mouth. So yeah, I think its fair to say she has no feelings on the situation thus far.


  • thewriterinme

    May 29, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    Congratulations on your second baby! 😘 Stay healthy and safe.

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