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30 Week Bumpdate with Baby #2

July 18, 2019

Ah, there is only 10 weeks left!! I repeat, 10 MORE WEEKS! I’ll let you take a second, just as I am right now, to process that information because holy sh*t….So with 30 weeks of this pregnancy behind me, I thought I’d jump on for a little bump date to let you know whats new.

Size of Baby

According to my app, Baby Boy is the size of a Zucchini and ranging from 15.2-16.7 inches long and 2.5-3.8lbs. To be honest, there are days where I feel like I am carrying around a monkey because this kid is squirming every which way and loves to kick mama in the bladder.

Weight Gain:

To be honest, I actually don’t know. Once I entered the 3rd trimester and saw how much the scale was starting to change weekly, I decided to stop weighing myself all together. Up until this point, I have done okay mentally about the weight gain but now that I am starting to look bigger, I figured it would be for the best to just not look. Pregnancy is such a miracle and our bodies are amazing but that doesn’t mean social pressures sometimes don’t get in your head from time to time.


For starters, sleep is starting to get a little more uncomfortable and when I do catch some shut eye, I have the most vivid and strange dreams. They make absolutely no sense and for the most part are actually quite entertaining. Fingers crossed they stay that way and dont turn scary.

Additionally, I’ve been having a few days of fatigue and nausea but I am thinking that the lack of sleep is playing a little part in that. Its nothing immense, just enough to be annoying throughout the day.

Lastly, my SI joint pain (thats the area right in your butt crack) has been pretty much the same. There are good days and bad ones for with the help of my chiropractor and physical therapy, things aren’t getting any worse and for now, I’ll take that.


Freezer pops! Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about this summer time snack and when I saw them in Walgreens, I picked up 10 boxes. They have come in handy for the few days where nausea is present and also have been a hit with Cassidy. Baby boy seems to like them too but then again, he has no choice in the matter 🙂

Other News:

Lets see, there is quite a bit…

  • I learned that I passed my glucose test, which means I thankfully dont have to worry about Gestational Diabetes. Bring on the carbs!!
  • We met and hired a doula. Now this is something I didn’t really think we’d do but after some serious thought, I realized that it might be a great resource to help us achieve the natural birth we desire. While I know my husband is going to be an exceptional support when the time comes, I also know that we both have slight PTSD from our last experience and I don’t want that to affect us this time. I plan on writing a post at a later time about our doula experience.
  • Next week I am taking Cassidy to Chicago for a long weekend. We are going there to celebrate my sister-in-laws baby shower (she is due 3 weeks after me) and also see extended family. I am really excited but am also a bit anxious because I am not a fan of flying. I’d usually medicate but since I have a baby on board that isn’t an option this time. Instead, I plan on using my hypno-birthing skill sets to keep me in the right mindset. I know it will all be good.
  • Last but not least, I saw a Pelvic Floor Physical therapist about my SI pain and it was incredible. There are a few limitations since I am pregnant but for the time being there are exercises I can begin doing and then also we can work on other things, like my episiotomy scar (yes that sucker still bothers me a bit).

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