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Baby # 2: Hello 3rd Trimester

July 8, 2019

Yes, you read that right. We are a few days past the 28 week mark, which means we have about 12 weeks (fingers crossed there will be no more than that) to go!

Now, with this pregnancy I have sucked about keeping you as updated, unlike what I did for Cassidy, so you probably aren’t feeling like things are moving as fast. However, over here in the Hendricks home, we feel like time just keeps going faster and faster. So with that being said, I figured I’d hop on for a short little 28 week update

Size of Baby:

According to The Bump app, baby boy is the size of an Eggplant and about 14.8inches long and 2.5 pounds. However, based on the way he has been moving lately, I feel like Im carrying a baby WAYY bigger than 2.5lbs.


Well if you have been following along with me on instagram, you will have seen how my workouts this pregnancy have slowed down quite a bit. In fact, I have pretty much been sticking to walking with the occasional at-home workout thrown in. Unfortunately this time around I have been experiencing pretty severe tailbone and back pain. Things are slowly getting better with the help of my chiropractor but I have a feeling that I won’t really be able to tackle this problem until after pregnancy. I also have plans to see a Pelvic Floor Physical therapist in the next coming weeks so fingers crossed that helps.

Weight Gain:

I am officially up 20lbs, which always seems to shock me. However, I am not too concerned since I gained 31 total with Cassidy and then lost 26 of that within the first 4 days postpartum. What I like to remind myself is that during pregnancy, there is so much more contributing for our weight, aside from fat and baby. There is blood volume, water, breast tissue, uterus, and more. I know it can a bit of a mental game when you see such an increase on the scale but by keeping active and eating moderately, I know its all good weight that my baby needs to flourish.


I am all over the place but the one thing that has been consistent is my desire to have chocolate chip pancakes every single morning. Other than that, I bounce back and forth between wanting sour and salt. For example, Nerds candy and Dill Pickles are always in the shopping cart


To be honest, I am sleeping much better than I did when I was pregnant with Cassidy. I think at this point last time, I was starting to get insomnia and discomfort. This time though, I wake up flat on the back and occasionally forget I am pregnant until I feel little one kicking. Occasionally the summer heat affects me but thats when I crank my AC and strip off the covers and make due.

Other News:

The nursery is pretty much all done (nursery reveal coming soon!) and really the only thing needed at this point are baby clothes. I have a couple of things that were unisex and carried over from Cassidy but I think a big trip to Once Upon a Child (seriously the best store ever when it comes to baby clothes) will be coming up soon!

Other than this, I am still sticking to working on my hypno-birthing and listening to my relaxations 3x a week. I hope to increase this as we get closer to our guess date (thats a little bit of hypno-birthing talk for ya).

Lastly, we are meeting with a birth doula soon to learn a bit about her and her services. She has worked closely with our Midwife practice and sounded really awesome when I spoke to her on the phone. While I didn’t think we’d need one at first, I have started to strongly consider it since we are going down the unmedicated route and I am a bit nervous I won’t be able to get through it. I also really just want this experience to be better and from what I have been told, having a doula can truly make things incredible and help you get the birth you dream of.

Products I’ve been loving:: 

Bio Oil– Luckily for me, I never really developed any stretch marks when pregnant with Cassidy and have yet to notice any now. I know a lot of that has to do with genetics but I still continue to use this product and apply it nightly to my stomach/love handle area. Regardless of its ability to stop stretch marks, it leaves me skin feeling super soft and nourished so I know there has to be some benefit.

Maternity Pajamas– I usually wear my husbands t-shirts when I start getting a belly but this time I wanted pj’s that wear meant just me and make me feel semi-cute. Not only are they super soft and stretchy, they are going to be nursing friendly for when baby boy arrives

Maternity Bathing Suit– With the summer heat and vacations booked, I knew I’d need a cute bathing suit to help flaunt this bump of mine. I am not someone who likes wearing two pieces when not pregnant, so I knew that wouldn’t be the case when pregnant. So with that being said, I searched for an affordable maternity one piece. Thank God for PinkBlush. They are seriously my go to spot for anything maternity.

These Maternity Shorts– Again Pinkblush wins again. I am not a big fan of the maternity apparel that just has an elastic around the waist. Id much rather have the piece that extend up and above my belly. I just think it feels more comfy and personally its more flattering.

Hypnobirthing Book– Like I mentioned above, we are planning on using hypnobirthing techniques for this birth. We took classes where we were taught a lot about what is in this book but I think that even if you are planning on going down the medicated/c-section route, it is worth the read. It is super informative and helps get you into the right positive mindset, no matter what type of birth you face.

Okay, that was a lot so if you hung in there for all of that, thank you! I am ready for you third trimester!

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