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32 Week Bumpdate

August 3, 2019

Another two weeks down and we are getting closer and closer to meeting our little dude. Its so crazy to think in possibly less than 8 weeks, our worlds will once again be rocked and our hearts will grow that much bigger. I can hardly wait!

Size of Baby 

According to my app, Baby Boy is the size of a Squash and should be about 16.6 inches long and somewhere around 3.8lbs. Of course, given the fact that my husband was a ginormous baby, I’m going to guess that this baby is on the bigger end of things.

Weight Gain: 

Funny enough, after this past weekend of travel and eating crap, I didn’t gain a single thing. I am guessing this baby is eating it all because I wake up in the morning starving, which I have zero complaints about because then I get to enjoy me some chocolate chip pancakes. So with that, only a 24lb weight gain thus far so we are right on track!


Thankfully nothing too crazy has sprung up but I can definitely still note that sleep is getting harder each week. I usually am a back sleeper and would often find myself in that position when I was pregnant with Cassidy but this go around I feel like I cant breath when I am in that position.

On top of this, I have discovered that I have a lovely little hemorrhoid. Yeah, probably way too much TMI but considering that this is pregnancy and I pride myself on being sometimes too honest, I figured I’d tell ya. I never got them with Cassidy but this time around…ugh they are awful. I am going to blame it on the fact that this guy is riding so much lower but according to my app, it apparently is super duper normal to experience and can pretty much happen to anyone. Regardless, it is a giant pain in the butt (pun intended).


As of this week, Ramen noodles. Yeah, super random but also super delicious. Aside from this, I am currently typing this and really wanting ice cream. Unfortunately though, there isn’t any at home so it looks like I will have to wait until tomorrow 🙁

Other News: 

Well while I could talk about a couple of things, the biggest that I will elaborate on is that we learned today that little boy is lying transverse. That means he is lying exactly sideways across the width of my stomach. Since I am 32 weeks along, we aren’t in a panic yet but there is definitely concern and urgency placed in our attempts to get him to move head down. If we can’t seem to do so by our next appointment, in 2 weeks, I may be faced with the option of getting an external version, which is where a doctor manually tries to move the baby downward. I’m not even going to think that far and instead are going to do the following few things recommended by both my midwife and doula:

  • Acupuncture- I have an appointment/consult scheduled for next Thursday
  • Chiropractic Care- Already have this covered and will be going in on Monday of next week where I will inform her and start more Webster approved adjustments that will focus on my pelvis
  • Using a flash light- I was told that this little trick can sometimes encourage baby to turn since they are drawn to seeing light. So 2-3x a day I will be taking a flashlight and placing it at the base of my uterus in hopes he wants to turn and investigate
  • Sound- Just like the flashlight method, I was told that I can try playing music for baby boy by placing it on the bottom of my belly, in hopes it might spark his curiosity
  • Hypnotherapy and Positive Thinking- This is already something apart of my nightly routine but I am going to start focussing on thinking and staying positive. May sound silly but you’d be amazed at what a calm mind can do to the body.
  • Swimming- Not only is this great exercise but the water can help take stress off of the pelvis, allowing baby to move freely. Additionally, I can also try doing a few flips or handstands in the pool without worrying about injury
  • Inversions- According to, inversions and pelvic tilts will be my homework for the next 2 weeks. I will be practicing these positions about 2-3x a day
  • Crawling- Lastly, I am going to get on my hands and knees and crawl around with Cassidy. She will of course love it and will love seeing it, which is a win for me!

I’m hopeful and more importantly, am confident that this little boy will do his thang and turn. I just think he likes to keep me on my toes, just as he has been doing this entire pregnancy.

So tell me mamas, did any of you have a breech or transverse baby? If so, comment below and tell me about your experience. Any tips or tricks I’m missing?


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