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37 Week Bumpdate

September 6, 2019

5 weeks later and I’m back and ready to update ya as to how this little man is doing. It sure has been crazy here (I’ll explain why) but with things settling down, I’m ready to get back to it and more importantly, welcome this little dude!

Size of Baby 

According to my app, Baby Boy is the size of a romaine lettuce? What a stupid vegetable to use for an example. However, today at my 37 week appointment, we did do a growth scan and got a rough estimate as to how much our little man weighs. Currently he is about 6lbs 6oz and predicted to weigh around or a little more than 8lbs if we go full term. If this is true then it sounds like he’ll be right in line with what Cassidy was, which was 8 lbs 9oz

Weight Gain: 

From the last time I updated, at 32 weeks, I am happy to report that I haven’t gained anything extreme during these past 5 weeks. With that being said, I am only up a total 28lbs total and if I continue to gain about .5lb till it’s showtime, I have a feeling I’ll be right on track with what I gained with Cassidy, which was about 31 lbs.


Well for starters, sleep is still not the best but thankfully not as terrible as it was when I was pregnant with Cassidy. I think with her being my first, there was a lot more unknowns and my anxiety was a bit higher. On the nights where this little bit of insomnia strikes, I try to read and then will also listen to my hypnobirthing tracks.

Aside from this, I have had a lot more of my S.I. joint pain. While I have dealing with it the entire pregnancy (it actually started with Cassidy’s pregnancy and never went away), it has been far worse this past week. I have a feeling it is because towards the end all the hormones reach their peak and my ligaments and muscles are starting to loosen but boy it sure is a literal pain in the ass.


It has been all over the place lately and in fact, my appetite has actually changed and I am usually more nauseous and eating smaller meals. I’m still treating myself though and even allowing myself to have a King Cone Ice Cream every night after dinner. Do you remember these? They were the bomb when I was a kid and I totally forgot how amazing they are.

Other News: 

Well this kid is truly a little trickster because in addition to my growth scan yesterday, we learned that baby boy is back to his transverse position. Yes, you heard that right. I am apart of the freaking 1% of women who have a transverse, or side-lying, baby this late in the game. Basically I need to be buying more lottery tickets. But anyway, with this being the case and being so close to the end, our stress is higher and our options are slimmer. Next week, we have a consultation with an OBGYN to see if we are good candidate to do an external version, which is where the doctor manually manipulates the baby from the outside and turns them. This, I’ve heard, isn’t always the most pleasant of experiences and has to be done in a hospital setting but there is at least a 50% chance it works so to me, its worth a shot. However, if it doesn’t, our options are pretty much a scheduled c-section, which would be at 39 weeks (September 19th).

At first I cried when I got the news of baby’s position because to be very honest, a c-section scares me. The idea of a major surgery just freaks me out and then in turn, the idea of recovery unnerves me. However, after talking with our Doula, I was regrounded and am going to remain positive. I am going to do all that I can to get this baby down but at the end of the day, I will accept whatever birth comes my way and trust my body and baby to do what is best. Furthermore, I will keep my eye on the prize and focus on getting a happy and healthy baby home and here in my arms.

I still can’t believe I am getting so close to meeting my new babe and expanding my heart once again. I am so excited to see Cassidy become a big sister and see Keven form that father-son bond. But for now, let the waiting game begin 🙂


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