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Walmart Try On: Fall Style

October 21, 2020

Alright all, Walmart has me absolutely shocked! I went last year and pick up the cutest sweater, which made me wonder what they might have in store this year. Well, after going and picking up a handful of items, let me tell you, I am seriously impressed. Curious? Check out below!

** For reference, I am 5’2″ and about 125 lbs. I have a size A/B chest and typically wear a size 4 jeans (that is of course when Im not pregnant or postpartum lol)

Outfit One

White Knit Sweater– So cute and detailed, I tried on a size large. I would probably size down if possible but even when larger, it was super cute

Black Fur Hiker Boots– I normally wear a 7.5 shoe but a size 8 fits great. Super comfy and surprisingly look high quality. Great boot for winter.

Outfit Two

Orange Long Sleeve– normally I wear a size medium in tops like this but unfortunately, they were out of my size. However, after seeing that the XL didn’t seem that big, I gave it a try and loved how big it was. Definitely recommend sizing up (like 2 sizes)

Outfit Three

Striped Sweater- I’m always up for a basic and easy sweater, that is versatile. You can dress it up, wear it to work, or wear it when running around with your kids. I am wearing a size Medium.

Outfit Four

Plaid Hoodie– Okay its fall, which basically means I love all things plaid. Pair that with a hoodie and I’m in heaven. Super cozy material zips in the front and also buttons. I am wearing a size large.

Outfit Five

Cozy dark red sweater- Okay this couldn’t get any cuter, or warmer! Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t find a link on Walmart’s site. But, I did find a very similar style and color in case you aren’t able to locate this one in store. Wearing a size medium, this is a perfect sweater for both fall and winter.

Outfit Six

Cinched-Waist Sweater- Okay another awesome sweater and warm too! I’d definitely make sure to wear a cami underneath (note how my bra is popping through). I’m wearing a size medium

Outfit Seven

Tie Front Color Block Top– Alright, Walmart’s website is driving me crazy, and once again, they don’t have this listed on there. Trust me, I’ve searched multiple times. However, I did link another similar top that I know you can’t go wrong with. Luckily they should have this top in-store, should you go and check it out.

Outfit Eight

Wrap Top- This top was so cute but probably a size too big for me (a size large is all I could find hanging). Super soft and flattery, this could easily be dressed up or down.

Outfit Nine

Camo Print Pajama Set- So this comes with matching pants but you aren’t required to buy the pair together, so I didn’t. I instead went with a light gray pair of joggers (in a size small) with a medium-sized top. Let me tell you, this is the most comfortable thing EVER!

Outfit Ten

Snake Print Pajama Set- Last but not least, this is probably my new favorite thing so don’t be surprised to see me living in this for the next few months. Seriously, it feels like heaven. I went for a medium in the top and for the pants, I decided to size up to a medium and they are a little looser fitting but still not too big.

So tell me, which is your favorite? As a stay at home mom, who has to stay on budget, I am so thrilled to find such affordable and stylish options. I can’t wait to keep going back to see what else Walmart comes out with.

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