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Getting Your First Facial? Here’s What to Expect at Natural Image Skin Center

November 10, 2020

I’m going, to be honest, my skin has never really been a huge problem for me. I’ve been lucky. I have the occasional pimple, blackhead, and clogged pore but that’s really all it’s ever been for me. However, that doesn’t mean that skin hasn’t been a huge priority. Especially now at the ripe old age of 30 (note that I’m writing this with a sarcastic tone), keeping my skin healthy and preferably wrinkle-free, for as long as possible, is at the top of my list of to-dos.

So with that being said, that’s where Natural Image Skin Center comes in. Using them for all my dermatological needs, I have also partnered with them to bring all you lovely readers the 411 on all things skin and beauty. We are going to get into it all (so stay tuned for more posts to come) but to start, I have to tell you about my FIRST EVER facial experience. Yes, it was my first and boy, oh boy, let me tell you, I have been missing out!

Types of Packages Offered

While each spa/med spa may offer different facial packages, over at Natural Image Skin Center, they offer 3 various packages for a Hydra-Facial: The Signature, Deluxe, and the Platinum. Below is a break down of what makes each package different.

The Signature ($199)
  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
The Deluxe ($250-$290)
  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Booster
  • LED Lights
The Platinum ($325)
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Booster
  • LED Lights

The Facial Room

No different than any other medical office, when you walk into the Natural Image Skin Center, you will find yourself in a waiting room and in front of a receptionist, who will inform your aesthetician of your arrival. It may feel, at first, like a regular doctor’s visit but once you are brought back to the aesthetics room, you will find a tranquil space. Filled with dimly lit lights, spa-like music, and wonderful aromas, I knew that this was going to be a relaxing experience.

What makes this experience different than going to a regular spa?

While you can find other spas that have the same Hydra-Facial machine or offer other facial packages, in general, there is one thing that sets coming to Natural Image apart from the rest. Since it is also a medical office they can use a prescription-grade peel during the exfoliation phase of the facial. Of course, your aesthetician will decide the strength of the peel specific to your skin needs but it is great to know the option is there.

Getting Started

Skin Analysis

When you are settled in the facial room, your aesthetician Jen will give you a form to fill out. This form will ask you all about your skin history. From acne to wrinkles, sun damage, and more, Jen wants to know all about how you feel so she can best access and prescribe the correct course of action. If you are unsure of what package to select as well, in terms of facial, this is a great time to let Jen help you decide.

I personally received the Platinum facial and let me tell you, I HIGHLY recommend. In fact, this specific facial is what I’ll be describing below.

Cleansing the Skin

First, we started with cleansing the skin with steam to open up pores and double cleaned to make sure your skin was squeaky clean. This is why it is recommended to NOT wear any makeup to your appointment. However, if you do, it will be removed.

Lymphatic Drainage

Next, came the lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin and body. This process is only included in the platinum package and let me tell you, it makes such a difference in your results. Not only will your skin appearance just improve significantly but facial puffiness will too. Seriously, I felt like my face looked much slimmer afterward.


After we then exfoliated and it was decided we would use a 7.5% glycolic/salicylic peel. Like I said above, this is the process that sets Natural Image apart from the rest.

Extraction of the T-Zone

Next, we extracted mainly the T-zone (chin, nose, and forehead) to clean out pores and build up. At the same time, this process also hydrated the skin with a Beta HD solution which is a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and honey extract


For this process, a specific booster is chosen that is specific to your individual skin care needs. For me, Jen chose a CTGF Booster that minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. It also boosts cell turnover rate and enhances skin vitality.

Red LED Lights

The second, to last, step was the red light treatment (as you can see in the pictures below). This was done while the booster gets absorbed by the skin. This helps with anti-aging around the face  


And last, but not least, we hydrated my skin with an antioxidant plus solution. This solution has hylaronic, peptides and vitamins to make the skin glow, and let me just say, it really does glow!

The Results

Well as stated above, my skin not only glowed but felt like butter afterward. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense because you should have seen what they call a “gunk jar.” It was full of all the crap suctioned out of my skin and was absolutely repulsive (but also kinda satisfying, lol).

While I did leave with a little redness on my face, that was said to be completely normal and actually a good thing because that means the blood flow was there and helping restore my skin. Jen also warned me that it was possible to end up with a slight post-facial breakout because it would be my skin’s way of purging. One week later, while I do have a pimple on my chin (which I honestly blame more on hormones than the facial itself), the rest of my skin still feels so wonderful and clear.

Going Back For More

In talking more with Jen, she told me that a big misconception is that facials should only be done 1-2x a year. However, she said that just isn’t true. In fact, she said, it would totally be fine to repeat every 2-3 weeks if that was so desired. It all just depends on your goals and of course, your budget.

Final Thoughts

I know as a mom it sometimes can be very hard to make time for our self-care. And, unfortunately, I think there is still a stigma that taking time for aesthetic care can even be selfish. Trust me, I get it. I even understand this more, as a mom on a budget. But, let me say this. After coming home from my facial, I was in such a great mood. I felt refreshed, relaxed, and beautiful. I felt like I could be a better mom and a better wife. It was just the thing I needed to help remind me of how important investing in ourselves can be. Why? Because by better taking care of ourselves, we can better take care of others.

So if you are in the New Jersey area, make sure to check out Natural Image Skin Center. And, when booking your facial, use the code VERYMARY to receive a free upgrade.

Trust me, not only can they take care of all your medical dermatological needs but can also provide services that will leave you feeling beautiful.


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