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An Honest Mom’s Review: Fairy Tale’s Hair Holiday Kit

December 8, 2020

**While this is a paid promotion by Fairy Tales Hair Care, please know that all thoughts below are my own and honest**

A little more than 2 months ago, I started on a search. For those who don’t know, Cassidy was born with a full head of thick black hair. It was honestly quite shocking and unexpected but as time would show, she’s only remained blessed with awesome hair. Yes, it’s much lighter and longer now but for that very reason, I started on a search because I wanted to find a hair product that would honor it. I didn’t want to use the typical tear-free baby wash anymore but instead, wanted something that would nourish her hair and yet be kid-friendly. And well, as luck would have it, that’s where Fairy Tale’s Hair comes in.

Over on my Instagram about two weeks ago, I shared my new favorite product from Fairy Tales (you can check out that post here). Not only is Fairy Tales hair products amazing for all the boosting vitamins and keratin in it, but it is gluten-free, nut-free, soy & dairy-free. That’s why when I was given the chance to try out their holiday kit, I knew I had to provide a more in-depth review and tell you about it because it’s just too good to pass up. And, if you are like me and terrible with coming up with gift ideas, this could be your answer!

So to keep it simple, the holiday kit is exactly how it sounds. Composed of 11 items total, this includes 8 travel-sized versions of their best products (Tangle Tamer, Curly-Q, Sun & Swim, and Rosemary Repel), a silk scrunchie, detangling comb, and travel case. All of it has a value of over $50 but right now you can get it for just $39.

What is so awesome about this kit though, aside from the price, is that up until now, Fairy Tales has not had any other travel sizes available for their different hair products. Which, as a mom can make things challenging when it comes to taking trips and wanting to bring along a piece of home. Additionally, this holiday kit is perfect for anyone who perhaps is on the fence about wanting to try out a new hair product but doesn’t want to invest in an entire bottle.

I am over the moon excited to have found and be working with Fairy Tales because honestly, Cassidy’s hair has never been healthier and bath time has never been easier. Oh and added bonus!! I myself have even been using the products and been finding a noticeable difference. Especially with the Sun & Swin clarifying shampoo/conditioner. It is safe for color treated hair, like mine, and just the thing I sometimes need to help rid my scalp of product build up. Seriously, its a kid- shampoo but it completely family friendly!

So do yourself and your kids, favor, go over and check them out! I promise you, it is so worth the try!

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