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Parenting Like a Pro

June 17, 2021

Having a toddler is hard. Having two sometimes just feels impossible. With my Cassidy, who just turned 3.5, we have entered the zone of strong attitudes and push back. And with Spencer, who is 22 months old, we have entered the zone of big feelings and hitting. And while that is all so frustrating, I think what is worse is that a lot of it is unchartered territory for me. When it comes to Infants I’ve always felt well-versed with caring for them but toddlers/pre-school age? Holy heck, send help!

*The following is a paid collaboration. However, all opinions are my own. I strongly hold brands to high standards when sharing and well if they dont live up them…see ya later* 

But here is the thing. I’ve tried the parenting books and the podcasts. Heck I’ve even pulled Cassidy’s teachers aside asking for tips, because I know they are the experts. And while everything is so helpful, I just don’t have the time to meander through it all.  That is why I was thrilled to partner up with  With a library of over 70+ research-based online courses, they cover all things parenting and offer course that take no more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete. From baby development, positive parenting, toddler development, listening skills and more, they have a course for every type of parent, no matter the stage of life they might be in. Oh and best of all, each course can be accessed from any device 24/7/365 and be paused whenever/however you need. Basically it’s a busy parents best friend!

For myself, with keeping my life and my kids in mind, I decided to go with a course on Positive Guidance. Why? Well because, like my latest instagram #Mondaymorningwithmary post talked about, I’d very much like to not always lose my cool as a mom. And more importantly, I’d love to teach my little ones how to work through the big feelings that they are starting to experience.

Positive Guidance, just to give you a summary, is an approach to guidance that recognizes behavior as a form of communication because of unmet need or emotion. For us adults, most of us have learned to regulate these emotions and can communicate them in a way to get help. But for our littles, they haven’t had the time to do the same yet. And well, this course teaches just that. It gave me ideas and guidelines to keep in mind when dealing with difficult behavior from my little ones. Which basically, is an every day thing lately. 

Being a parent is funny because there are so many things you can learn about what you do great at. But at the same time, there are lots of things parenthood can teach us about what still needs improvement. And well, to have a place to come that can help in those lacking areas is incredible. Will it make us perfect? Absolutely not. Perfect parent doesn’t exist. But, what it can do is help us all parent like pros and find a confidence we never knew we needed!

So what do you say? Want to join me and learn how to parent like a pro? Click here to sign-up for yourself! On top of their different subscription packages, they’ve got a free seven-day trial. BUT if you’re ready to join now, you can get 20% off a one-month subscription using my code “MN1MONTH” now through 7/11/2021.

Here’s to learning and growing mamas! We’ve got this! 

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