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Workout of the Week: Week ONE

June 23, 2021

Hi friends!!

So if you have been following along on instagram, a big request lately has been to share my at-home workouts. As a former personal trainer, I have a big background in fitness and nutrition. But, with the rise of COVID plus the birth of my son, I’ve had to take all of my education and make it work for being stuck at home. So with that being said, below is a workout of the week. Not only will it take no more than 30 minutes to complete but it will leave you feeling amazing. 

Every week I will share a new work out for you guys to try. I will list it out below explain how to get it done and also provide a video so you guys can see for yourself in case you need clarification as to how each move is performed. Most of these workouts, will include limited equipment and when some is listed, I will be sure to supply links if need be. Additionally, I will also provide modifications for those new to exercise or even those who are postpartum. And lastly, please note that each exercise should be taken into personal consideration. If for any reason, you feel pain when performing and of the below exercises, please stop and seek medical guidance. 

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This Weeks Workout: June 23rd, 2021


Warm Up: Repeat for 3 rounds

Dumbbell Wood Chops- 10 each side

Rows (I used my terra core but you could totally use bands or weights)- 15 total

Plank Rockers (Again using my terra core but you could always hold a solid plank or do shoulder taps)- 1 minute 

Circuit 1- 4 Rounds. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, with 20 seconds rest in between 

Ball Slams or Jump Squats or Air Squats 

Terra Core Mountain Climbers or Floor Mountain climbers

Wall Sits

Circuit 2- 4 Rounds. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, with 20 seconds rest in between 

Terra Core Step Ups

Dumbbell Curl and Press

Plank Hold (if you are newly postpartum, please skip or do on incline)

….and that is it! The best part about HIIT training is that it’s all up to you how much effort you’re going to put in. The goal of it is to work hard for the short amount of time that you were performing each and every exercise. But of course, you can take more rest if needed. Everything can be done right in your living room or wherever you work out in your house. Just make sure you have fun and give it your all. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it. Oh, and if you do give it ago be sure to tag me over on Instagram and let me know how you feel afterwards!

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