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Workout of the Week: Week 2

July 14, 2021

OK people! Clearly I missed two weeks because we are on vacation. But this is actually the reason why I wanted to post this work out. After sharing a picture of my family and I on our vacation, I had a lot of messages come in on Instagram asking me about my arms (see below):


And without trying to sound boastful, I have to say my arms probably look the best they ever have, so thank you. And once again, I owe it all to homework outs. Well home workouts and a healthy-ish diet. I love Chinese food and sweets but hell, that’s balance. Anyway, again use this as a reminder that you do not need a gym to achieve your fitness goals. So with that in mind I attached one of my favorite arm workouts below. This one does require some equipment but nothing crazy. Just bands, that are medium to heavy, and one set of light weights (I am using 5 lbs) and one set of heavier weights (I use 20lbs). This workout is designed more to build strength in addition to power. You will start with your warm-up and then get into the main work, which involves heavy weight, low and slow reps and more sets. Well then cap it off with a quick arm finisher and then call it a day. You’re welcome to add cardio into it if you want at the end but if not, this should take you 30 minutes depending on the amount of rest you take.


This Weeks Workout: July 14th, 2021

Upper Body Strength 

Warm Up: Repeat for 3 rounds

Band Pass Throughs- 15 reps

Banded Pull Aparts- 15 total

Lateral Plank Walks- 5 steps left and right, for a total of 20 each side. 

Work: Use heavier weight. Goal here is to fatigue muscles. It should feel near impossible but still doable. 6 Sets total. Take a 1:30 minute rest after each set.

Arnold Press- 6 to 8 reps (use that first set to gauge your weights. If it feels like 8 reps was too easy, increase weight. If you hardly managed to get 6 reps, you went to heavy. For every set, you should be able to get somewhere between 6,7,8 reps. It should be challenging but not impossible. 

Finisher: Repeat 4 times, taking 45 sec rest in between. 

Banded Tricep Pull Downs- 20 reps each side. 

Isometric Front Hold with Lateral Raise- Using lighter weight, perform 10-12 on each side. Try and not rest between switching arms. 

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