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Teacher Wish Lists 2022

August 2, 2022

With children being our future, those teaching are crucial parts of our kids’ lives. That’s why I am so excited to share the following wishlists below. Take a look below and if you are in the mood to support, I encourage you to select a wishlist. 

Rohzjah Colter

Grade she teaches: infants

“I’m an infant room teacher from South Carolina! I’d love to be able to upgrade my classroom with some new things for my sweet babies to play with!”

Riley Williams

Grade she teaches:Pre-k to 8 music (band and chorus, too)

“Thank you to everyone for supporting our music making!”

Kayla Muglia

Grade she teaches:Social Worker K-6

“Thank you so much for this opportunity to create a welcoming and brave space for my students!”

Andrea Johnson

Grade she teaches: 2ND

“I’ve taught at the same school for all but 1 year of my career and I love the students I teach. I hope to inspire them to do the best they can everyday and these supplies will start to give them the tools they need!”

Krysty Woodcock

Grade she teaches: 1ST

I am a mom of 3 (ages: 12, 11 and 9) and this is my 3rd year of teaching in rural Pittston, Maine. I LOVE 1st grade and my “firsties”. I’m a huge fan of play based learning and allowing kids to be kids. I hope to continue to teach children how to LOVE learning for many years to come!

Caroline Guynn

Grade she teaches: Kindergarten

“This is my fourth year teaching and I have always taught Kindergarten! My favorite things to do with my students is read chapter books to them (love leaving them on the edge of what happens next lol) and teaching them writing. Excited for year 4!”

Briana DeLeon

Grade she teaches: Kindergarten

“I believe in making learning as fun as possible! Photo is from our pumpkin patch…no field trips due to Covid, so we made our own pumpkin patch! Kids need fun and engaging experiences to set the stage for a love of learning!”

Jody DeVries

Grade she teaches: High-school 

“I am a 1.25 year high school Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. I started in March of 2022 after 6 weeks off with my youngest, Walker. It was chaos and the kids tried their hardest to get away with the world. But I loved it and ended up winning them over! My room became a place for all of the misfits and a place to come when you didn’t know where else to go. I would LOVE to make it pretty and welcoming and give them all of the supplies they need this year! Please please please help me do that 🤍 they deserve so much and while I provide what I can, having two small boys makes it a bit harder! Can’t wait for the 2022-2023 school year and to make this room my own!”

Paige Heizer

Grade she teaches: 3rd

“Hello! This is my 8th year teaching at a small school in the county I live in. I have taught 5th and 3rd grade. I am a mom of two little ones. I am always looking for fun ways to educate my Heizer Kiddos. Once a Heizer Kiddo, always a Heizer Kiddo. I thrive on creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for each of my kiddos. My number one priority is building special bonds with each child that walks into my room.our classroom Might not look like the traditional classroom with all the activities and flexible seating choices, but we are MOVING MOUNTAINS”


Grade she teaches: 1st

“I work in a very small town in southern Missouri. We are a Title I school, which means more than 50% of our students qualify for the Free/Reduced lunch program. Our school is actually more at 85-90%. These items would be a luxury to them and to me 🙃 I supply almost everything for my classroom and this would be a huge burden off my shoulders.”

Jess Toelke

Grade she teaches:3rd

“I teach in a very rural, low income district! I provide my students a safe classroom while we learn together.”

Montanna Slingerland

Grade she teaches:Kindergarten

Nikki Bowen

Grade she teaches: Preschool 

“I’ve been a stay at home mom for 20 years. Recently my husband’s health has been in crisis and I am having to return to work. I’m thrilled with the teaching position I was able to get. However I haven’t been in a classroom for 20 years and have zero necessities for my class. Since finances are tight I’m unable to pre purchase anything. So any little bit would help. Thank you!”

Christina Bloom

Grade she teaches:4th Grade

“Howdy, purty lady! I’m the handsome gold miner on the right in the picture, getting ready to show my fourth graders how things were done in the wild west. 🌟🤠 In all seriousness though, thank you so much for supporting teachers! I teach 4th grade at a Title 1 school in California and my passion is growing a love a reading in each and every student. 📚 I’d love any and all help getting engaging books and classroom supplies into the hands of my well deserving students. Thank you! 🍎🥰”

Jessica Burke

Grade she teaches:3-5

“I am a special education teacher in New Jersey! Always looking for new ways to engage my students and make learning fun for them!”

Linse Lundberg

Grade she teaches: 8th Language Arts & Reading

“I’m going into my second year in middle school after working as a Covid sub for my school district. I taught elementary school for seven years before that. I’m a mom with 3 kids. My oldest is going to kindergarten this fall. The picture is of my son’s last day of preschool & my last day of school last year. I also have son who will be 3 this fall & a daughter who is 8 months old.”

Megan Emery

Grade she teaches:Kindergarten through 6th grade 

“Part of the Sam Houston state university charter school!”


Grade she teaches: Kindergarten

“Never thought I would EVER teach kindergarten. But after 10 years teaching, this is my 5th in kindergarten and I absolutely love it! I’m also a Jersey girl :)”

Meghan Oppenheimer

Grade she teaches:Learning Support 

“Been teaching in this school in a very poverty stricken area of Philadelphia because I love my families!!!!!”


Grade she teaches:2nd

“This is my 8th year of teaching and my first full year in 3 years! I’m excited for my new crew!!”


Grade she teaches:6-8 Math AIS (academic intervention services)

“Hi! My name is Michelle and I am starting a new position this year supporting struggling middle school math learners in a very low income school. I want to make my classes and support groups as fun and encouraging as possible! Any help you are willing to give to help would be much appreciated!”

Grade she teaches: Kindergarten
“Hello! My name is Kristy Little. I am nominating my sister, Megan Miletti! Megan is excited to take on a new classroom this year! She will be teaching kindergarten! Megan is the kind of person who will drop anything to do something for anyone! She is so caring and family oriented! These little kiddos are going to be so lucky and blessed to have her as their teacher! Being a teacher in a new classroom, the shopping list can get pretty expensive! I thought by sharing her wish list for her, any help would be greatly appreciated! This could be a way I would give back to Megan for all the times she has helped me! Thank you for reading this and helping teachers!”

Grade she teaches: 6th
“Thank you for your support!”

Grade she teaches: 2nd
“I teach both regular and special education students (inclusion teacher) and love it! Each year I try to add new things for my students to love for years to come. I’m so grateful that you are willing to support teachers and share teacher wishlists! Thank you so so much!!”

Grade she teaches:Kindergarten
“I teach kindergarten at a small rural school in MS. I had a rough year last year. I had Covid twice and my dad died. Looking forward to a great year!”

Grade she teaches:Special Education – 4th and 5th grade
“Thank you so much!”

Grade she teaches:6-8
“My classroom is called FACTSS which stands for facilitating achievement and connections through structure and support and we work with students with social emotional needs as well as behavior difficulties in the classroom. We provide breakfast in our program so some of the things on my list are for my breakfast bar :)”

Grade she teaches:Speech therapy- K-5
“Thank you so much for the support!”

Grade She Teaches: 4th
“I’m writing to share my teacher wishlist as I noticed you’re helping teachers get what they need, which is so amazing! I’m a fourth grade teacher at Harris Brooke Elementary in Ludlow, Massachusetts. I’m the general education teacher in an inclusion class at a title 1 school. Being an inclusion class, we have lots of awesome kids with high needs. Having some of these items would be extremely helpful for us. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you so much!!”

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