Thank you for your interest in sponsoring and/or advertising with The Very Mary Life! Sponsoring through The Very Mary Life will not only allow significant exposure to your company/individual business or personal blog BUT it will also allow me to expand and enhance my blog as time goes on.   

1.) Sponsorship: Is offered through blog posts and social media collaborations. Please contact for rates! 

2.) Blog Giveaway: We offer blog and/or social media giveaways. If you think your brand/product would be a great fit with our blog, I’d love to hear from you!

3.) Product Reviews: You are more than welcome to contact me for product reviews. If I absolutely love the product, I will be sure to let my readers & Instagram followers know about it. However, I do not showcase all items that are sent to me, and the ones I do feature are at my own discretion. If you have any other questions/concerns or ideas (I am open to anything), please contact me via email at

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