“Mary is the best! My absolute favorite! I started to workout with her and she made me fall in love with this world! I used to hate exercising, I was never good at sports… but not anymore! And I’m so thankful for that, because I have a totally new life! And guess what? Me, who hates running… I mean it’s not my favorite things to do… I finished a 5k with her! It was unbelievable! I would have never thought I’d be capable of doing that! But she knew it and Mary stayed next to me the whole race and was there to help me through the hard parts.

With her help I lost over 50lbs! She was so proud of me and it made me feel even better! I’m so lucky that I got her as my personal trainer! She always care about her clients but the best thing is that she doesn’t just make you a client, she makes you a friend. Thank you!!!”

Anita T.


This is the real thing… I’ve trained with Mary for 2 years and she is not only the best coach I’ve ever had, she’s also become a great friend. Treat yourself, your life is worth it!

Dorinda L.

Mary is fantastic personal trainer, not just for her physical guidance but for her welcoming personality to. She is a great mentor and teacher when it comes to personal fitness goals and is extremely knowledgeable in the field. Mary makes everyone feel comfortable in the gym setting and is completely compassionate when it comes to everyone’s different strengths and weaknesses. She is also able to push her clients to meet their full potential, to ensure they are receiving the treatment and rewards they are looking for. Mary has a great way of making sure all of her clients are comfortable but satisfied with their training needs. I highly recommend Mary for both personal and group training, my time with her has pushed me to new physical heights. Looking back on my time with Mary and I am so grateful and hope she is able to help other individuals evolve both physically and mentally.

Elizabeth M.

“I was lucky enough to have Mary as my personnel training coach for a year and a half, she helped me loose weight, tone and feel great about myself again. She trained me through my pregnancy up until the last few weeks before my due date. Mary is very dedicated to the success of her clients. She motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each exercise.  I would highly recommend her!!!”

Laura C.

Mary is an absolute gem and I am glad to have her as my trainer! I have worked out with her for about 2 years now and for the past year shes helped me with staying fit and heathy during my pregnancy. Mary is extremely flexible and her workouts were highly personalized depending on my pregnancy stage, the availability of workout equipments and my own physical strength. I always had an option to train at home which helped especially on days when I was too tired to head to the gym. Her workouts enabled me to work out all the way into my last week of pregnancy. Even my recovery post birth was fast and easy thanks to Mary. She has not only been a fantastic physical trainer but also a friend whose positive personality has been a source of support throughout my pregnancy! Thank you Mary.

 —Rohini N.
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