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Wow, I’m so glad you’re here! My name’s Mary Hendricks and I mean what I said above. Even if you are new to this community I promise, if you stick around it won’t be long until you feel like we’ve known each other like our oldest long time friends.

A little bit about me, I’m a wife and mom of 3 little ones, Cassidy 5, Spencer 3, and Haley nearly 1. Somehow along my journey I fell into the world of social media & podcasting and I’ve absolutely fallen in love! It brings me so much ****. Read along some more to get better acquainted & I’ll talk to you soon, friend!

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Back in 2020 I became a new mom of two, (we are blessed to now have three) like so many others during the pandemic, I felt incredibly alone. While the world sounded like it was on fire, and pair that with life as the primary stay-at-home parent, didn’t produce the best results.

Personally I felt really isolated, I had no creative drive and felt lost in so many things; and it felt like I had nowhere to turn to. Even social media started to make me feel alone – with picture perfect 'gram feeds, the ultra curated (and definitely staged) photos and stories – I couldn't find anyone I wanted to or could truly relate to.

I went online to find a friend, someone “relatable”, someone who felt familiar. Kinda like the 90's sitcoms with that neighbor next door best friend you never had. Simply someone who you could imagine coming over, knocking on your door (probably with a bottle of wine in hand) and not only celebrating the wins in life but also listening to you as you share the downs. Being honest, with no judgment, just open ears and heart.

So right then, I decided to start The Very Mary Life. Because if it didn’t exist, I’d create it. And well, that’s exactly what I set out to continue doing here on my new website! Over the past 3 years, I've grown The Very Mary Life social media pages & podcast into a strong supportive online community. Come as you are. Feel seen. Leave heard and never ever think you're alone again.

but most of all,

an online community that allows you to laugh through the madness, feel unapologetically YourselF, be heard

this community that allows all who visit to be fully seen & supported

I’ve been told I’m known for positivity… followed by a solid F-bomb or two, I have a tendency to overshare which leads into my love of anything T.M.I.! My community and I are able to talk about all motherhood, marriage, sex and so much more because of my relationship with them. I keep things light hearted and fun. Just how it should feel when with your best friends, having a solid heart to heart conversation that at times can get a little slap happy at times. 

It’s my hope with my community and corner of the social media world to make one of the hardest jobs in the world a bit easier because let’s be honest, anything you feel alone in always seems harder. So welcome new, but now old friends. I am so happy you’re here!

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Come fresh to my podcast and leave after an episode feeling like an old friend. Here we buckle down and say the things that most feel but are too afraid to say. We talk about motherhood, marriage, sex, and beyond, it's all on the table and nothing is off limits with just a bunch of friends chatting.

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