Welcome to the Podcast!

Join Mary Hendricks, the host, woman, wife, mom of 3 & social media influencer, as she brings REAL life moms to talk REAL life things.

Come as a new friend leaving as an old friend, as we buckle down and say the things that most feel but are too afraid to say. Motherhood, marriage, sex, and beyond, it's all on the table and nothing is off limits. Just a bunch of friends chatting.

Seriously, shit is about to get TMI. Buckle up, pour yourself something yummy and feel seen.

Podcast Name Says It All

Relatable, feels like I'm sitting down with a mom friend!

She Gets It

FTM here who didn't really know what to expect after having a baby, but wasn't expecting everything to be so hard. Mary shares the realness of momlife and makes you laugh along the way. She's one of my favorites and recommend her to all my friends

So Good!!!

I've been following Mary for awhile on Instagram and also subscribe to her newsletter. What I like most about her is that she is real and honest. Not to mention she's hilarious. I love her sharing her every day life & recipes and all the things.

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