Life After Multiples, Postpartum & Hope

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  1. Meghan says:

    As a twin mom myself this all sounds so familiar. It does take sometime with twins for it to get “easier”. Even though with kids it’s never easy. So glad to read what others thought and did during pregnancy and after. I honestly remember some but some days seemed like a blur.

  2. Tamara Hofer says:

    This exactly! My 3rd son was 9m old when a I found out I was pregnant again unexpectedly. Soon after we learned it was identical girls. They are 10m and 2y3m now and getting easier. But those first 6m felt impossible. Because like you said the world is not designed for families with 3 under 2! I still struggle in the grocery store with 2 carts (1 a playpen in wheels, the other for groceries) because there is no room in my car for a triple stroller and groceries. I told my friend just yesterday…..getting out means my heart goes twice as fast as I am so overstimulated trying to keep them happy and safe while being approached constantly by strangers. I only feel calm at home.