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Are you interested in knowing how you can earn FREE makeup from Seint?! If so, listen up! The process is simple. All you have to do is fill out this form, and then a customized Seint link will be emailed to you. Once you receive your customized link, use it for you own Seint purchases and share it with your family and friends!

Any purchases that are made under your customized link will go directly towards earning you free makeup from Seint!

Need some ideas on the best way to share your link? Keep reading!

How to SHARE Your Link to Earn FREE Makeup from Seint

There are several ways that you can share your customized link to help you earn free makeup from Seint.

Through Your Own Purchases!

First of all, without even sharing your link, you can earn free makeup from Seint! Any time you make a purchase from Seint using your own customized link, you can earn credits that go directly towards earning you free makeup! If you’re going to make the purchase anyways, you might as well get a return on your investment with some free makeup!

Earn Free Makeup

Host an Online Contour/Makeup Class!

This is one of the fastest ways to get sales through your customized link. And sales help rack up your credits for free makeup from Seint.

The online Contour/Makeup Class will be ran for you. It will teach your guests all about the ease and simplicity of Seint’s makeup. The class will take place on either instagram or through zoom, whichever you prefer. We can set this up to be done in a private group setting that will be set up specifically for you and your guests OR we can do this together, through the use of an Instagram live. All you need to do is pick, invite your friends and family, and I will take care of the rest! Throughout that online makeup class, your customized link will be shared in posts for your guests to use to make any desired Seint purchases. As your guests begin to make purchases using your link, the sales from your customized link will increase your credits for free makeup from Seint.

Find out how easy it is to host an online class and earn Seint makeup!


You don’t have to host a party to share this makeup with your family and friends. If you know of anyone that you think would love the makeup, tell them about it, and then be sure to send them your link! Whether you think they would love the iiiD Foundationeyeshadowsbrushesskincare line, or anything else Seint has to offer, don’t be afraid to share about the things you love and think they would love too! Because when you share, everybody wins!

Earn free Seint makeup by sharing your party link with family and friends!

Share on Social Media 

If you use any kind of social media, you can make a post or do a set of stories where you share about the makeup, and then include your link in the caption or in your bio and refer people to that link. Have fun with it and get creative! Seriously, you can do this in any way you’d like. Need ideas? Why not post a picture of your makeup, post your own before/after photo, post a boomerang with your brushes, etc., and then share how much you love the makeup! Just be sure to include your customized link in your bio and/or caption and refer them to it.

Share your Seint Beauty party link on social media!

Host a Post!

If you aren’t sure what to post on social media, don’t worry. You can Host a Post! You will receive some pre-made posts via email that you can share once you fill out this form. Then all you have to do is save them to your phone and then post them to your social media. And be sure to include your customized ink!

Host a Post to earn free Seint Makeup!

What You Can Earn for FREE!

Seint Beauty Hostess Rewards

Ready to earn some free makeup from Seint? Fill out the form and start building up your Seint in-store credits now!