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I feel like I’ve mentioned this many, many times before, but I love decorating my house. However, I HATE spending money. So as you can imagine, that presents a little bit of a conundrum in my ability to get things done. Thankfully though, I never mind doing my research, putting in a little sweat, and getting creative to help achieve the look I’m going for.

So when it came to our fireplace, it really wasn’t bad, to begin with. It has beautiful gray marble around it but I wanted there to be a little more. I love having that pop! So when looking at Pinterest (the place that always inspires my best ideas), I found this amazing company that sells custom made vinyl tiles that are both heatproof and waterproof. Not only were the reviews amazing but the images from customers were too. I knew that this would be my way to add a “pop” of change and best of all, I could do so while on budget.

So now in true Mary fashion, the video I recorded of me applying this new face got deleted. But truth be told, this was not difficult at all! Seriously, all I needed was a bit of painters tape, scissors, an Exacto knife, and patience. Since I worked with the Etsy seller to customize my measurements, I didn’t really have to cut much, only in areas where the mantle jutted out a bit more. All-in-all, it was like applying a big BEAUTIFUL sticker.

Before I reveal, take a look below to see how it used to look. Fine but honestly, just a little boring. I knew I could do better.


But with a little help from Home Art Stickers, Habitat for Humanity Restore, and Hobby Lobby, I was able to welcome fall and bring this mantle to life!


So what do we think?!? I honestly can’t believe how amazing this all turned out. And the best part, all of it (decor included) cost me less than $200. Talk about incredible.

While I wish I had the video to show you just how easy this application was, I wanted to post this up regardless to give you a reminder that you don’t need an extraordinary amount of money to create a beautiful home. All it takes is just a little creativity and open-mindedness.

To find out a little more about where I got my decor, take a look below where I can supply the links for whatever I can. Some items were thrifted so I won’t be able to link everything

Links for decor:

Mirrors & books- Unfortunately I got these at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore as a thrift item. Together, they cost me $29. Goes to show, never hesitate to check out your local thrift!

Orange Floral Wreath- Stole (well actually I was given it) from my mom who didn’t want it anymore. I’ll take anything free 🙂

White Candle Holder

Brown Candle Holders

Flameless Candles

Amber bottle- this used to be one of the lotion bottles I had. I wasn’t crazy about the scent so I cleaned it out.

Faux-Florals- Hobby Lobby again for the win but I can’t seem to find the exact matches online.

Tapered Glass Vase

Sticker for fireplace refacing