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I have always joked, “I’m not a crunchy mom, I’m a soggy one.” And most I say this too usually have understood it. But there are a select few who haven’t. So let me break it down for you.

A crunchy mom is someone that practices natural parenting, and according to many is a “neo-hippie.” They are known for using more natural products, such as cloth diapers, and eating things that are only organic. They believe in less medical intervention, zero waste, and anything that is home-made. 

Now a soggy mom is a term I basically coined. Because there are other terms that exist on the opposite side of “crunch.” Such as “silky” or “scrunchie.” I don’t know about you, but I think soggy sounds a bit more appropriate. I love what I see crunchy moms do but I am much more watered down. Realistic if you will. I try my best to incorporate as many “crunchy” things into my life, but I also believe in balance. And I don’t really want to completely overhaul my lifestyle. Diet Coke is my best friend, disposable diapers float my boat, botox and I get along just fine, and my kids have burger king usually once a week. But we try and I think that counts. Wouldn’t you agree?

So with that in mind, I wanted to dedicate todays post to some of my all time favorite “soggy mom” swaps with the help of Plant Therapy. Plant Therapy is your one stop shop to get affordable, clean natural living solutions with essential oils at its core. From home essentials, kid safe & pet safe options, beauty products and more. Plant Therapy has everything you could need and TRUST. With the help of excellent customer service and quality reports, you can not only rely on where your oils are coming from but also learn how to use them safely.

Below are my top 5 ways I have incorporated Plant Therapy into our daily life. So simple to do, I bet you will want to try them yourself:

  1. Replace Laundry Dryer Sheets

This wool dryer ball set, along with the 3 essential oils it comes with, can be used to replace dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can surprisingly be one of the most toxic cleaning items in our homes. Did you know that? We now put a few drops of Lavender, Peppermint or Grapefruit onto 3-6 wool dryer balls depending on the load size for chemical-free drying!

  1. Say So-long to Candles

Did you know that candle fires cause an estimated 15,600 fires, 150 deaths, and 1,270 injuries each year, resulting in 3% of all fire related incidents. Personally, when growing up, I knew a family in town who lost a child due to a house fire all because a candle got knocked over. Being a mom of three littles myself, that is a risk I don’t want to take. So instead, I stick to diffusing a blend. One Love is one of my favorites. 

  1. Make an All Purpose Cleaner

Now while there are a ton of recipes you can follow where you can mix in various essential oils, Plant Therapy takes all the guess work out. With premade multi-surface cleaners, you just need to mix them in with water and call it a day. 

  1. After Sun Care

Having fun this summer. Here is our favorite kit to help to soothe skin after sun exposure. Helps with sunburn, which my beach babes certainly have had to fight off.You can refrigerate for 30 mins before using for an extra cooling sensation.

  1. Keep Monster’s Away

Lastly, if you have littles who frequent your bed in the middle of night due to fears of “the monster under their bed” like mine do, then this is the spray for you. Not only smells amazing but works like a charm in easing my little ones worries. 

So fellow soggy mamas, what do you think? Ready to try these out? If so, be sure to head over to Plant Therapy today and scope out their entire site. I promise, you’ll love them just as much as I have these past few years.