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It was funny, a few weekends ago when I was at our first post pandemic wedding, someone came up to me and commented on my lips. I have never received such a compliment and while I wish I could say they are naturally mine, they are not. Why? Lip filler baby! Something I was so hesitant about getting but now that I have it, and everything has settled, I am so glad I did! So with that being said, I wanted to use todays blog to break it all down for you. And more importantly, show you there really doesn’t need to be a stigma surrounding it. Spoiler alert, you can get them done and STILL look natural. Not all lip fillers are created equal, remember that!

Why I wanted Lip Filler

If you’ve been following me a while over on Instagram, you will know that injectables are not something new to me. I’ve done Botox and a simple lip flip (that’s when botox is injected into the upper part of your lip to help relax the underside and help cover the gums) but lip filler was always something that really intimidated me. I have always had decent size lips and in the past, I always associate lip filler with people who looked like ducks. I thought of people like Kylie Jenner and other Hollywood elite that just look insane after they’ve gotten it done. So, for me, I never really considered it. However, after having two babies, not only did I find that my boobs shriveled up but strangely enough, so did my lips. I’m not even kidding either. Take a look at my before photo and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s not surprising considering how much my lips and face swelled with my son, but seeing how wrinkly they always were definitely was starting to get me self-consciously. Especially with my love of makeup. I was finding it really hard to wear fun lip colors without second-guessing it.

Where I Went

This is where my friend Kathleen at Artistry Skin Center comes in. She is quite literally the lip of goddess of New Jersey. Her work is incredible, her spa is so tranquil and beautiful, and when she reached out to me to connect, I knew I wanted her to be the one to help touch me up. Based in Randolph New Jersey, I walked into a Nirvana of sorts. So beautifully decorated, you really feel like you are treating yourself. Which is exactly what Kathleen wants. While I used to go to a dermatology office to get Botox done, that always felt like a very medical procedure. The office felt cold, it didn’t feel special and now that I have seen a difference, I can see why people are raving about Artistry Skin.


So this was the top question over when I asked my followers on Instagram what they wanted to know. And I’ll be honest, it isn’t cheap. Filler for the most part, depending on where you go ranges anywhere between $750-$1000 and or more. I know that sounds like a lot but your return is far longer than it would be with Botox or anything like that. Filler, depending on how quick you metabolize it, shouldn’t last you at least nine months. As for me, I am someone who doesn’t often spend money on myself and I usually like to pick and choose where I spend and for me, this is something worth putting my money towards. I’m sure many could agree, but it makes me happy and I think it’s worth it.

What is Filler Made Of:

At Artistree skin, Kathleen prefers to use Juvderm. You can use this type of filler for multiple different reasons but for the lips it is her preferred.According to the website, Juvederm is an injectable Hyaluronic Acid filler, which is a natural occurring acid in our bodies that can break down, Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. In this form it is used to soften lines, wrinkles and create volume to the face. 

 The Process and Specifics

OK so when I went in, I met with Kathleen who took a look at my lips and discussed with me what my goals were. I told her that I wanted something very natural and something that looked like my old self. I didn’t want to look overly plastic or like a duck. I wanted to look like I had no lip fillers at all. Once these fine details were set, she then applied a numbing cream to my lips and within seconds it started to numb incredibly well. She let that sit for about 10 minutes and then we got to work. I know for some spas they can do a dental block where they will inject you and numb you even further but I personally don’t think it’s necessary. Especially with the cream that she used, I hardly could feel a thing.

Once she got started, I felt tiny pinch occasionally but she worked quickly, making her way around my mouth. She would take momentary breaks to step away and take a look to make sure everything was even. The total procedure probably took no more than 15 minutes. At first glance, immediately I loved them. Granted things were definitely swollen but they weren’t bad once so ever. I was sent home with a nice lovely little ice pack, told to avoid exercise and alcohol for 24-48 hours (to help prevent bruising) and if swelling got crazy, to take Benadryl.

Day 1-Day 3

Immediately after: I was Definitely swollen but nothing major. They looked good but felt kinda funny. Like they were a bit heavy

Day 2- Woke up incredibly swollen. Like scary swollen. But this was to be expected. Remember to give yourselves at least a week before you decided if you love or hate it

Day 3- Swelling improved but now there was major bruising. There were also 2 slight bumps under my top lip. This was believed to be from the injection site. Kept an eye on it and let Kathleen know. They didn’t hurt or look bad. It was just more like a bump under my skin. Like I got knocked in the lip, if that makes sense.

Day 4-10:

Over the following week, swelling only continued to get better and better. However, for me, the two bumps under the top lip were still present. Again, continued to lightly massage, ice and wait. Again, no pain or anything worth worrying about. I made Kathleen aware so that we could address it on follow up appointment, which was on Day 10


Day 10, Day of My Follow Up:

Went back into Artistry Skin once more and met with Kathleen. She looked at the bumps I had and determined they were just deep bruising. One concern was that it was product build up, which can easily happen is very easy to fix but that wasn’t the case for me. In the rest of the appointment, she looked at evenness of lips based on how they were settling and then gave me the rest of my syringe (which she stored away safely until I returned). Once again, I was numbed and after a few quick and very painless pinches, I was all evened out. Lips looked even better than they did after the first appointment. So again reminder, don’t miss out on your follow up! It’s all a part of the final result!

My lips swelled for the 3 days following my touch up, which was to be expected. But once that went away, they looked INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I felt like my old self.

The Final Result Today:

Well the result speak for themselves. I don’t feel like you can tell I had lip filler. And that is exactly the thing I wanted. I just wanted to look like my old self. I feel confident, I feel excited to wear makeup, I love smiling now and I just am so happy.


With all this being said, if this is something that you have ever considered doing I hope that this gives you the courage to explore it further. As long as you go to someone you trust, that has good reviews and the results to prove it (Avoid people you find on Groupon!), you have nothing to fear. There is nothing wrong with doing something cosmetic for yourself. There is nothing wrong with changing yourself. You can still love yourself but want to change it and I think that is something we need to always remember.