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This end of July marks one year that we have been living in our new home and that is absolutely crazy to me. While there are still a few projects I’d like to do (like the kitchen, powder room and guest room), the house has really transformed from when we first purchased it. In most of the house, a little paint really went a long way. However, the dining room was a bigger labor of love that I really put my focus into. After patiently taking my time, I am thrilled to share the final result with you.


This was the photo provide on the Zillow listing. I should have taken a picture when it was empty but at the time I had an 8 month old and yeah, you know how that is

While I wouldn’t necessarily say our house was a “fixer upper,” it did need a little updating and love. As you can see in the photo, our home was still rocking a very 90’s style. Blues, pinks, flower banners- it needed to go. Thankfully the wall paper came down in a day and then when I had a a rainy weekend, I was able to prime and paint the trim and bottom half of the wall.

Eventually I’d like to change out the flooring but that will come in time and probably be done along with the kitchen.


Now I don’t know about you all but I am mildly obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines and anything Magnolia Home design. Since I knew this room would become our “statement” room, I really used them as my inspiration. Of course, when I realized that they had there own wall papers I fell in love and decided that this would be my standout accent.

Even though the wallpaper came pre-pasted I was not at all about to attempt a DIY and instead opted to have a professional do it instead. Of course though, this proved a tad tricky at first because as you could guess not many people wall paper anymore. Thankfully I was referred to a father/son painting business that still knew the trade and as an added bonus they were actually really reasonable.

Once the walls were complete I accented the room with a new gray rug, our corner cabinet and buffet table, which were both brought over from our old house. The corner cabinet was actually a $150 craigslist find and the buffet table was a Pier 1 purchase from about 3 years ago. While the corner cabinet matched perfectly, color wise, the buffet table needed a bit of love. What was originally an off-white color, the wallpaper made it appear more much yellow and I knew that wouldn’t work. So with a $7 sample of Sherwin Williams paint, I was able to paint and repurpose this baby all in one single afternoon while Cassidy napped.

Next thing to be changed out was the light. While I toyed around with the idea of just spray painting the old existing brass fixture, I came to the conclusion that the style just wouldn’t go with my final vision. Thankfully thats when I turned to Wayfair and found a very affordable and stylish chandelier. Once it arrived I immediately took it upon myself to install it, despite not knowing how. BUT with the help of youtube I am proud to announce that not only did I get this baby connected but I also never got electrocuted!

Lastly, the table and chairs took a bit of thinking. When we first moved in, I actually bought a cheap antique set as a place holder. I knew I wanted to take my time in selecting the right furniture and thats exactly what I did. Loving the idea of a farmhouse look, I was able to find a local carpenter who makes custom tables. I went with a 7×3 in a washed grey tone and could not love it more. As for the chairs, I again turned to Wayfair. I swear, that site is the best and pretty much the place I turn to whenever I need home furnishings.

All in all, I think the total spent on this makeover was $1700. That’s including paint, wall paper, installation, and furniture. Sure it may have taken me 10 months to figure out but seeing that this is our “forever” home, I’m taking things slowly so that I can be sure to love the decisions we make for years and years.

Sources & Supplies:

Wall and Trim Paint Primer and Paint– I used Sherwin Williams products and had them color it to be a Benjamin Moore Shade, Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Buffet Table Paint in the color Contented Gray (SW 6191)

Wall paper remover

Wall Paper

Farmhouse Dining Table

Wicker Dining Chairs and Farmhouse Chairs