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Cassidy’s Nursery Reveal

November 2, 2017

Before my husband and I decided to find out the gender at our 20 week OBGYN appointment, I originally had planned to do the opposite and wait to find out the gender on the day the baby was born. I wanted to do it the “old school” way and have it be a surprise. I told myself that I’d keep the nursery neutral in theme anyway so knowing the gender didn’t matter. My husband, on the other hand, felt differently and wanted to know. He wanted to make more of a connection with our growing babe and as far as the nursery was concerned, he believed I’d regret not knowing and ultimately end up re-doing everything to be more gender specific.

NOW, this will be the only time. I repeat: THE ONLY TIME, I will ever say this but my husband was right. After we found out we were having a girl, I immediately changed around everything I had originally planned for neutral room and focused on getting things that are more girly. Am I disappointed I didn’t wait to find out the gender? Not at all. Sure it would have been so neat to find out on the day she arrived but when seeing how easy and fun it has been preparing, it was so worth finding out.

So with knowing a little girl was on the way for us, I wanted to create a nursery that would would be feminine, classy, rustic, and cozy. I wanted it to be a room that she would love to be in. A room that would inspire her to learn, imagine and grow. And while I don’t like to brag, I will say I did pat myself on the back when everything was all said and done. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

For product information for the things I didn’t find in HomeGoods (I seriously love that store), I will include links below 🙂

The tiny rocking chair belonged to my husband when he was a child and was gifted to me at my baby shower. Of course, the water works were full force when I saw it.
I found the rabbit book ends on Ebay and purchased for less than $50. Both are antique and are perfect for the theme of the room.
For the mobile, I found this great piece while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. It was hanging in a store and had been there for 3 years so not only was it a one of a kind but I also got it for a steal!
This dresser was actually my parents that I took and painted with DIY chalk paint. Came out PERFECT!
I found this rocker used on Craigslist. Brand new I believe this chair was originally $350. Luckily we got it for $180. It had only be used once and has zero damage or wear.
To help increase storage, I skipped on getting a pricey closet organizing kit and found this wonderful storage shelf from target. Fits perfect and will be perfect for storing away hats, shoes, etc.

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak White (OC-121)

Trim Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Pigeon Gray (2133-50)

Baby Blocks

Area Rug

Book Shelf

White Curtains



Crib Mattress 

Crib Sheets and matching Changing Pad sheets

Side Table

Knit Ottoman

Pillow/Throw Blanket

Star Storage Bag

Cuddle & Kind Knit Rabbit

Elephant Rocking Horse

Wall Flowers

Wall Sign

3 Basket Storage Stand

Diaper Pail

Closet 8 Space Organizer





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